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  1. The Eagles are planning to feature Adams as their starting tailback in Sunday's game against the Giants, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports. Spin: Philadelphia has been leaning on a committee of backs throughout the season, but Rapoport relays that the Eagles are now prepared to fully commit to the undrafted rookie out of Notre Dame as their clear No. 1 option after he had previously logged no more than nine carries in any of his prior eight contests. Adams certainly did his part to push for an enhanced workload, rushing for 6.1 yards per totes, well above what Wendell Smallwood (4.1 yards per carry) and Corey Clement (3.4 YPC) have offered on heavier volume. Rapoport notes that Smallwood and Clement will still have roles in the game plan, but won't be used as prominently while Adams fills a "bell cow" role similar to how Jay Ajayi was used for Philadelphia in the second half of last season. Assuming the backfield committee is in fact a thing of the past, Adams projects as a viable weekly starting option in most fantasy formats.
  2. That feeling when you stubbornly held Jones all year, despite shiny new toys or trades, because you didn't want him blowing up on someone else's team.
  3. Try packaging him in a trade? I know kickers are hard to move, but the chiefs offense doesn't look likely to slow down anytime soon. Hard to just let that value go to waivers.
  4. Nope. As long as the big four (five if you include goff) are healthy by the end, I actually like his playoff schedule better. This offense is too good to stop completely, which could easily translate to more FG opportunities against Chicago and Philly. If anything, I would be more worried about the AZ game just being XPs.
  5. Or Clement isn't really needed in this blowout, so they are just giving him more rest after the quad injury
  6. The leg was the equivalent of my rb2/ flex spot last year. OTHER kickers are a dime a dozen, but a kicker with the potential to put up 15+ any game is a rare find.
  7. I don't have any stats in front of me, but RBs seem to transition a lot easier than WRs. It may take him a few weeks to learn the passing plays/protections, but at the end of the day, a run up the A gap or a toss outside is pretty standard on every team. As long as shady still has some wiggle in him, and I think he does, he could easily push for upper rb2 status with a move to the Eagles(who cleared up some cap space earlier this week for a trade like this)
  8. That was a cringeworthy play. If I was Chris, I would have walked up to Alex Smith after the game and kicked him in the nuts. There is no way he didn't see that linebacker (safety?) come crashing down, and then just basically lobs the pass to him (though to be fair, that was the equivalent of a Smith laser.) I kept yelling at the TV to take him out before he got hurt during a meaningless drive, and the football gods answered with their favorite response.
  9. Goodbye Jay, hello D'Onta. Nothing like taking a reach after a season ender.
  10. I know this is bad news for those people with bye needs, but I am really hoping he's out for a week or two to give time for all of his other injuries to heal up...just so he can start fresh with a new round of ailments until his week 11 bye.
  11. Considering the 49ers will probably be in garbage time mode for at least 2 quarters a game, you can probably keep counting on it.
  12. I want to like Foreman, but there is too much against him for this year. Miller won't likely be phased out, and that O-line is atrocious.
  13. Dez did have a solid 3 years of 1200+ yards and 12+ TDs, so that shouldn't be that bad of a sign.
  14. To not being alone in the universe for rolling with Wentz in an early season must win.