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  1. With Williams looking unlikely to play, the stars are aligning for the Walrus to get his first TD. Makes me want to play him over Kittle in the places I'm not flexing him.
  2. Where in heaven, he takes the starting TE gig from Mike Ditka, catching bombs from Unitas, Marino, and Montana. He is the first ever angel to have a 100% catch rate, and a TD on 97% of his targets. The 3% is just the times he outran the ball.
  3. *I say this with my eyes closed hoping Pederson doesn't Peder.* Clement is just their return specialist. I like he is back, because it lessens the chances of Sanders getting banged up on the random offchance a team runs back a kickoff.
  4. Probably because no matter how good Mahomes is playing, you still need at least the threat of a running game to keep the defense off-balanced.
  5. I'm going out on a limb and starting him over fuller/kirk in my deeper leagues. He did have 23% of Minshew's target share coupled with the most WR snaps. Minshew will have a whole week of running with the first team, and DeFilippo is a guy who likes to throw the ball. I also read where DeFilippo wanted Nick Foles to be an "assistant offensive coordinator" during his recovery. I'm hoping his love of Dede will have them firing up some plays for him. You mix that together with a brand new starting slot CB on a team with a good offense...who was behind the one that sucked so bad they immediately cut him, makes me like Dede as a sneaky upside pick. Granted, the floor is shaky with a rookie QB.
  6. I'm a full believer in scary Terry and am in pretty much the same boat, but playing him over Dede feels like an overreaction, at least in ppr. But that comes down to I don't like scary's matchup compared to Dede's few days old slot corner for the texans and a rookie that will probably need a safety valve when teams gameplan for him.
  7. As I look over individual match-ups and overall pass defenses for my rosters, I keep getting this crazy idea in my head. Am I really considering flexing a TE with Kittle or Kelce as my main? Just typing out the words makes me feel a little sick. But being faced with essentially RB3s or WR3/4's in the deeper leagues who have as much a chance as busting as blowing up, it's starting to not look like a bad idea. The game script is perfect. You have a leaky raider's defense against one of the hottest offenses who also happens to have a sub-par pass defense. A large, speedy guy who plays 100% of the snaps at multiple positions with no true "WR1". Granted, it was one game, but a Derek Carr who didn't look like the mess he has been. A head coach flat out saying we want to get this man the ball more. This is the kind of upside you look for when you want to win your week with a safe enough floor if things don't go as planned.
  8. Kirk has the feel of a guy you drop week 2 or 3 for a shiny new toy just to seriously regret it 3 weeks later.
  9. No, it looks like Pederson is just doing his normal thing. Miles is being mixed in plenty. Way too early to call him over-hyped.
  10. And looking better doing it so far.
  11. The Washington D line is just embarrassing the eagle's line.
  12. lololololol all these carefully laid draft plans blown up in week 1. Gotta love fantasy.
  13. Even howard getting a nice catch.
  14. All these shares of Dede is starting to look depressing.
  15. He was in on the first series. Eagles not getting much going on offense at the moment.