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  1. Josh Adams 2018 Outlook

    In standard scoring DJ is a RB 16 before his huge game this week which will probably push him to like 10-12. You play in a league where you just want volume and you don't really care too much what they produce. A guy has 7 catches a game thats already 7 points no matter what with 0 yards or TDs added. A RB or WR has to gain 70 yards to get those 7 points in standard.
  2. Josh Adams 2018 Outlook

    You play in full 1 point PPR RBs matter less. You could get someone like Ekeler as a RB2 and be fine. RBs matter way less in PPR because you can get by with scrubs like Buck allen and be fine. I don't think you realize the difference between PPR and standard. No offense its PPR that ruined the outlook of actual production. Way too many scrubs just getting participation points.
  3. Josh Adams 2018 Outlook

    15 carries on a good offense with a few catches and goal line opportunity = a pretty good flex. Again thats what most people are looking for.
  4. Josh Adams 2018 Outlook

    If your flexing Tyreek your playing in an 8- max 10 team league or are playing with people that no idea what they are doing. Or you just hit it huge in your draft which is rare. Tyreek is at least a WR2 in most leagues.
  5. Josh Adams 2018 Outlook

    But regardless Barkley is a beast in PPR so Idk what your referring to.
  6. Josh Adams 2018 Outlook

    I only play in standard so thats another difference. Your only looking for "catches" mainly. Im looking for production. Big difference.
  7. Josh Adams 2018 Outlook

    Since being on here Ive learned most people are amateurs and Im better off making my own decisions. Asked enough questions in the AC forum to realize this. He's a stash and hold that could payoff. Idk whats so hard for people to realize this. People been holding aaron jones since week 1 to finally get an explosion in week 10 lol.
  8. Josh Adams 2018 Outlook

    Thats false. Lots of strong teams out there with weak/mediocre flex options. For example I am in the top of the rankings most likely makes the playoffs. My QBs: Ben/Wentz RB1: Barkley RB2: Mixon WR1: Thomas WR2: Jeffery TE: Graham. Flex: Carson, Collins, Cooper, MVS. Thats all I got. Adams could make that flex spot and make a difference.
  9. Josh Adams 2018 Outlook

    Week 14 as a flex. Is what most people living in a real world would expect. And that flex could make a difference vs rostering backups that will never see your lineup.
  10. Josh Adams 2018 Outlook

    I would say your 75% correct. Which is what I see. The thing is though this late in the season there really aren't that many waiver targets to grab. Everyone has an idea of pretty much every player. In ESPN Adams was only owned in 5% of leagues. So either your holding guys just for depth that will most likely never see your line up. Or you take a shot on a flyer like him. He does have a shot. Just the odds are definitely against him. The way I like to play is though I would rather roster players like him than hold like a crabtree or someone similar with zero upside that would most likely never see my starting line up. To me just doesn't make sense. I would rather roll the dice on a prospect even if it only works for a few games.
  11. Josh Adams 2018 Outlook

    You know people have a misconception that certain coaches "want" committee RBs. These guys don't want to rotate 3 different backs all the time especially when they have schemes and want to go no huddle etc. They do it because they haven't really found anyone that can do it in all phases of the game. When michel was healthy he was the guy with white being sprinkled in on passing plays because that his specialty. Carson when healthy has been the guy on the seahawks despite what people think of carrol. Last year Blount was the guy. He was just not a work horse like Gurley etc. Which is just rare now. But he was the main guy in Philly until Ajayi got there cause obviously they thought he could do better than blount etc. Players just got to prove themselves and gain the trust. That takes time.
  12. Josh Adams 2018 Outlook

    I just looked up last years numbers real quick. Just raw figures based on what I saw. Last year before Ajayi got there Blount was averaging 14-15 rushing attempts and a few passes each game and he was the goal line back. I mean thats my expectation of Adams max. Not a RB1 no matter what but maybe a mid tier RB2. Which would make him a very good flex or a middle of the road RB2 plug in based on matchups. Which is all you can really expect out of him.
  13. Josh Adams 2018 Outlook

    Its a junk stat when your comparing a small amount of touches. But I mean over the course of a year lets say it does matter. Thats one aspect of how RBs get judged. Stats do matter you just need a big sample size. Adams sample size just hasn't been big enough.
  14. Josh Adams 2018 Outlook

    I can agree. I mean thats why I said I wasn't comparing him to anyone just throwing out examples. But the one thing I did like out of the few touches we have seen so far is he usually doesn't go down on the first tackle. He def puts up a fight. You can tell he's working out there. He isn't a special talent like barkley. But I think he's hungry. And I think he's potentially better than smallwood and clement. On a good offense its worth a hold. We just haven't seen enough to really know for sure.
  15. Josh Adams 2018 Outlook

    You could say that about a lot of players. Now before I say it I am not comparing Adams to anyone. But Barkley gets like 5-10 attempts for maybe 10-20 yards all the time. Till he rips a long one. You still have to SEE the whole. You also have to break tackles. Cant remember if that was clement or smallwood that got tackled by the cowboys line backer on a crucial 3rd down but they got tackled by one arm on an ankle.