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  1. Ok thanks! This game I'm in is coming down to the wire.
  2. LOL thanks. ESPN is really messing with me tonight.
  3. 129 seems too low Im trying to figure out why his points are so high
  4. How many total yards you guys got for Bell?
  5. These guys are prepared to lose games forcing the ball to OBJ. Im selling chubb after this game.
  6. Who you guys like more. Chubb or Jacobs. Standard scoring. WHIR
  7. Its because his floor is really low after watching this game. He could easily have a 40-50 yard game with no TDs and no receptions any given week.
  8. Yeah take that deal. Prescott is playing great. Barkley is def higher in value now than Kamara and Fitz is basically free.
  9. Yahoo wasn't the only site. Fantasy pros had him top 5-6. I ended up getting him at like 19. But this is still irritating.
  10. Thats why the Browns will always be the Browns. Everyone who drafted any Browns player got duped.
  11. The Browns coaching staff really think they have a Patrick Mahomes clone. Thats crazy.