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  1. Your right but Zeke still helps coop too. Its a mutual relationship where Zeke does benefit more but coop still does benefit. More than being on the raiders. Thats the important part.
  2. Wish I started him this week what can I say. Also can put up a clunker next week as others have said. However still MUCH better than the raiders. Solid flex play at worst.
  3. Why would gus carry you to a championship and adams wouldn't? Analysis doesn't add up whatsoever. Gus has lamar, collins, ty, buck and possibly dixon in the future to battle with. Lamar is the starting RB on that team in all reality. Adams is emerging as the guy. No way would I feel comfortable starting gus this week. He's simply a wait and watch. Adams can start at flex easily this week.
  4. Josh Adams was the only bright spot for me this week. Plugging him in at flex next week seems like a no brainer.
  5. League winner! If you can start him as a RB that is lol.
  6. I get the hype train completely. Just not with QBS. Not any QB unless you play in a 2 QB league. I have wentz and Big ben. Did not go for one early and even if I didn't hit on 1 theres plenty still left in waivers. I mean theres so many options out there. A QB isn't going to make or break your season.
  7. Outside of the lucky people to grab conner first this is the second league winner. Case closed time to move on. Coming from someone who wishes he got a peace of either one.
  8. QBs too valuable? What I'm confused about is you or anyone even being hyped on him. I could have not even drafted a QB in a 12 team league and been fine playing the waiver wire. This isn't a guy thats going to be a league winner. At best he will be a QB start. Just like your waiver wire. Your way to excited over someone that will have no significant impact on a team whatsoever unless maybe if you play in a 2 QB league.
  9. Your talking about years ago where Vick didn't need a 140 passer rating. Teams had NO IDEA how to stop a running QB. They do now. You can't just run the ball anymore. And even if you can you can't keep up with the high scoring offenses in this league anymore. Again you can't just run and be able to keep up with these NFL teams like the rams, saints, chiefs etc...its a different era.
  10. Your comparing someone on the ravens with one of the worst play calling schemes in the league vs michael vick. Vick also played in an era where he was one of the first running QBS that could actually PASS. Vick is the reason a lot of teams changed their opinion on running QBS. At the same time its been a long time. Defenses have since adjusted. You have to be able to PASS. The only 2 running QBs to my mind since vick that have been very good QBs on a consistent basis for many years now are russel wilson and Cam. And they can both RUN and PASS. The guys after vick like RG3 etc are a dime a dozen.
  11. This guy clearly has talent. The only thing right now holding him back is pass catching pass blocking duties. Its really hard now in this league to just be a pure runner and be relevant. Thats all up to him as a player to prove himself and for the coaching staff to believe in him. But he's a def hold because thats the next step. He's already proved he can be a good runner. Def not any worst than clement or smallwood. So time will tell if he can make that next step forward.
  12. Ben has probably the best ROS schedule out of any QB. And he's been on fire. Very under rated QB for the year.
  13. Man you guys hype up anyone on these forums.
  14. You know everyone is ripping mccarthy and he's def a part of the problem for sure. No doubt. But rodgers is another problem. No one told him to hold the ball looking for deep shots every single play. His eyes were on adams all night. He just doesn't believe in dump off passes to your RB and make him get the tough yards for you. Or throw a 7 yard slant pass see if the receiver can break a long. He's a MAJOR problem. And until he sees that himself its going to be a long year. I posted this by accident in the MVS forum but I meant to post it here.
  15. Do you guys actually watch football? Crabtree can't break coverage past 10 yards. Thats his limit. He still has good hands but he cannot break coverage anymore for any deep shots at all. He also has nothing after the catch. He's been a drop. I have no idea how he's even being talked about anymore.