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  1. I just traded Kuzma for Prince and a draft pick next year. Of course Kuz is lights out tonight and this my first time really paying attention to Prince since he was at Baylor. He looks clueless on the court. My new streaming spot.
  2. Dwyane Wade 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Anyone heard anything on whether they plan to play him in both back to backs starting tonight? I actually dropped him for Hill after the trades but am desperate for a PG this week. If Wade plays both he's a decent pickup for blocks and steals with the altered schedule. I know he wouldnt normally play b2bs but with over a week until his next game I'm guessing he might?
  3. Yup. A few of us have been commenting throughout this thread about Cousins' insane minutes and usage this season- especially for a player his size. Its a fact that injuries are more likely when players are fatigued so the circumstances surrounding this really aren't that surprising. It just sucks for him, the Pelicans, and all of us counting on him in fantasy. And just as a NBA fan, I was really looking forward to watching him and AD continue to develop their chemistry. NOLA is on its best stretch of the season. I have him in a keeper league so this is particularly devastating. Would much rather it have been an ACL or some other knee injury than an achilles. The history of NBA players coming back to form is bleak. Dominique Wilkins was an outlier but the full history is depressing. Boogie's size will make it even harder. I guess a possible reason for optimism is that his game does not rely at all on above the rim athleticism. But he is still a very agile player for his size and we'll have to see how his agility and lateral quickness are effected. Not to mention what this does to his impending free agency. Does he now sign a 1 year deal in NOLA or elsewhere to prove he's healthy before trying to sign a max contract? Will NOLA or another team gamble on him and throw big money his way anyway? I see a suggestion above for dynasty owners to sell for pennies on the dollar. Maybe, but I'd almost rather just cling to hope he can get back to form, or close to it. But I don't know. His skill set and the way he could dominate 6 out of 9 cats was just amazing. There is no replacing it regardless of which route you go.
  4. WTH is wrong with some of these posters....
  5. For those old enough to get the reference I feel like Nancy Kerrigan.... Why me???????
  6. Dejounte Murray 2017-18 Season Outlook

    Wow. 7 steals. Shoulda picked this guy up last week.
  7. There is going to be some inconsistency with all Kings due to their rotations and game plans varying so much night to night. But many of us believe Bogdan is the best overall player they have and at least his minutes have been consistent. Has hasnt shot the ball well the last 3 games after droppin 6 3s against Utah but in non shallow leagues he's an easy hold IMO. If you wanna drop him then drop him.
  8. Otto Porter Jr. 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    2nd half of season started really early this year.
  9. 2017-2018 Brick Layers Guild

    Other than Boogie erry friggin body in my lineup shot worse than my 9 year old girls team. Wall 4-15 Bogdan- 3-10 Oubre- 2- 11 Porter- 2-8 Aminu 2-10 Combined 13 for 54 for a sparkling 24%.
  10. Otto Porter Jr. 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Hope he sits for 2 weeks so I can just play Oubre. Worst trade ever....
  11. Forget the turnovers, my only gripe with Boogie this year has been his subpar FT shooting has cost me that cat a few weeks. He seems to get tired and miss quite a few in 2nd halves. But 93% tonight in double OT to go with the rest of that line. BOOGIE MONSTER!!!!!
  12. 50 plus minutes tonight. 39 plus minutes in at least 8 of the last 12. Gentry is gonna kill him. But what a line.
  13. Vent & Rant Thread 2017-2018

    Biyombo and Kuzma combine for ZERO FRIGGIN REBOUNDS. I led my league all week in that category, end up finishing 4th, and lose to the guy who had the 3rd most.