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  1. Rodney McGruder 2018-19

    I'm inclined to drop McGruder for someone I want on the wire but think I'm gonna let it play out for a little while. Neither Ellington or Winslow are good players IMO. One is very one dimensional and the other doesnt really do anything that well, except offer some defensive versatility. McGruder does everything both of those guys do and better IMO. But they will get minutes at his expense. Will be interesting to see what happens.
  2. Darren Collison 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I took him when I could have drafted much better contributors. Underestimated the Reke factor. Oh well. He's a hold for me for now. I'm not expecting much but hope he can at least get some steals along with low volume efficiency.
  3. Zach Collins 2018-2019 Fantasy Outlook

    Only place he should be owned? Sounds a bit narrow-minded. He's certainly not a must own and I wouldnt drop anyone of value for him. But I picked him up after my draft in a 14 teamer after putting two guys on injured list. Played him last night and will take the blocks. Collins is still pretty raw. He's 20 years old and tho he's added noticeable muscle since last season, he still seems to be adjusting to carrying that weight and learning how to use it. There were also several moments where he could have been aggressive in getting rebounds and he didnt. Easily could have ended the night with 10 boards. And part of his fantasy potential is that he has the ability to hit 3s tho he missed his lone attempt last night. As for the blocks, I would not discount them because the "Lakers were running right at him." Last time I checked, lots of NBA teams like to attack the rim. He's obviously not going to lead the league in blocks but he showed very good rim protection and I believe 2 of the blocks were the result of good help defense. He can have some legit end of bench value in that cat alone. Again, he's not a must add and still has lots of development to do as a player, but the minutes are encouraging, the blocks are encouraging, and his confidence seeming to grow as the game went along looked like a good sign to me. If he can actually knock down 3 here and there, mix in a few baskets around the rim to balance out his FG%, and continue to grow as a rebounder and rim protector he will have real value in deeper leagues. While not likely, I don't think all of that is out of the question......this year.
  4. Otto Porter 2018-2019 Season outlook

    DC homer who has watched all of Otto's career dating back to Georgetown. I don't quite understand why anyone is displeased with last night's line or expects Otto to be something he is not. His value is in his stocks, efficiency, and 3s. Its surprising that he didnt even attempt a 3 last night but the Wiz talked a lot about shooting more 3s as a team this off-season and Porter will get his attempts over the season. He is NEVER going to be an aggressive offensive player who creates his own shot. Thats simply not his game. I also don't see any negatives with Dwight's presence once he suits up. If anything, I think he helps Porter get more open looks on offense and his rim protection frees Porter up to take more chances on steals. Don't see it impacting his blocks as he's obviously not going to average 3 a game and will still get his b/c he's active with long arms and knows how to play positionally. Otto is who we thought he was, which is a damn good fantasy asset who's going to contribute in the categories mentioned. There is a little room for growth with his 3s and scoring but again, he is who he is, which is the guy people drafted and will contribute to any build.
  5. Rodney McGruder 2018-19

    Streamed him tonight looking for 3s and defensive stats. No steals but 3 3s and a block. The counting stats and good FG% were gravy. Now, I'm wondering if I should hold for a while. Ellington and Winslow will be back soon and J Johnson and Waiters at some point also. Good play while he's getting 30 plus minutes tho.
  6. Devin Booker 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Was all set to grab Booker at 1.03 in a 14 team two player keeper (so really 3.03) as I believed there were others who would go with the 1st two choices. No such luck. He went 1st. I think his time has come. Harden light numbers with with much less value in dribbles per possession leagues. I'm still a little jealous. Enjoy the ride!
  7. Didn't see a thread this season for the "other BB" so starting it here. I picked him up this morning after he was dropped in my 14 teamer. I remember him being a solid contributor last season with 14 ppg, nearly 2 threes, and fairly good efficiency. I know the addition of Evans may be a threat to some of his minutes but I'm expecting/hoping for similar production. Thoughts on the other Bogdanovich this year?
  8. I'll take that stat line on opening night, especially considering his 3 ball was off. I really wish Stevens hadnt taken him out in the 1st quarter right after he scored 7 pts in a row. Seemed to kill his rhythm a bit. But I'm being greedy in game 1 of 82. Also think he was robbed of a board on his tip in of his own miss. And where did the turnover come from. I might have missed it but seems like they gave him one for the bad pass to Horford that led to a loose ball foul. Didnt think that should count as a turnover. But again...I'm just being greedy. I really think he's ready to feast and think he can be a 20-7.5 guy with good %s and above avg stocks. And he's only going to get better and mature physically.
  9. I took Augustin in my 14 teamer solely for the assist and the high, but low volume, FT%. I also thought he'd offer decent 3s and steals. The 3s should be ok but I was lazy and didnt really pay attention to his career steal avg. Surprised that even when he got 30 min a game back in the day he was still under 1.0 steals per game.
  10. MARSHON BROOKS Season Outlook 2018

    I need scoring and want to pick up Brooks in my 14 teamer. What do we think his FG % will look like? Looking at his career stats it seems to be a bit all over the place. He's obviously not gonna shoot 50% like he did for the small sample of games last year. But I honestly just don't know much about him.
  11. I'll preface this by stating that this is my 2nd year taking fantasy bball seriously and I still dont quite know WTF I'm doing yet. But I'm in love with Tatum's real life game and think he is in for a better fantasy year than many here seem to think based on the majority of comments in this thread. I took Tatum at 54 in my draft and am really more excited about him than any other player on my roster. I understand Boston is loaded and the usage concerns that come with it. But cream usually finds a way to rise and this kid is just too good IMO. I still find the rankings people throw out a bit arbitrary and I'm not gonna put out my own projections. But I think his fantasy value will reflect his real basketball value more than many think. Anyways, we will get a first look at what the stat sheet says tonight in the NBA tip off. Cant.Wait!!!
  12. Waiver Wire Season Savers 2018-2019

    Hmm... Collins reportedly gained 20 lbs since last season to address the too weak issue. And Portland definitely doesnt prefer Leonard over him. In their playoff series last year Leonard appeared in 2 of 4 games for a total of 8 minutes. Collins appeared in every game and averaged 17.5 minutes per game. This was after the regular season in which Leonard appeared in 33 games averaging less than 8 minutes per while Collins played in twice as many games and averaged nearly twice the minutes. Collins role should grow in his 2nd season and only 20 years old. If he can improve his FG %, which was pretty dreadful last year for a big, I think he will have the opportunity to provide some value in deeper leagues. We shall see.
  13. Waiver Wire Season Savers 2018-2019

    I just cut Hezonja for Zach Collins in my 14 team league in a play for boards and blocks. I will be keeping my eye out for Mario if he’s not picked up. As for Collins I think he will have an opportunity to build on the end of last season and the playoffs with Ed Davis leaving some additional minutes for the taking in Portland. Any thoughts Collins’ deep sleeper value?
  14. Kyle Lowry 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Career year indeed. You really think his scoring avg will jump back up by 6 pts, his FG% will match his high of 2 years ago that was a career outlier, career high in 3s, career high in FTs. AND do it all at age 32 with the same minutes he got last year, which is significantly lower than he had the 5 seasons prior? I think playing with Kawhi is a good fit but those numbers seem wildly optimistic, especially in 32.7 mins a game.
  15. John Wall 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I inherited Wall in a 2 player keeper league with nothing else and am finding him very difficult to build around. I made a deal before last season for Boogie in a punt FG/TO build. It was going ok until injuries obviously threw a wrench in things. This year with same keepers, I'm building a draft strategy around Wall and holding Boogie really looking to next season. Again, its difficult. The problem is that while he is elite in 1 cat (Assists) he really kills you in 3 (TO, FT, FG). Kill might be too strong for FG but he is very inefficient and if he's not among league leaders in steals, the trade off just for the assist is not really worth it unless you put very specific players around him. Add in that his game is very much reliant on speed, quickness, and athleticism I don't feel good about a guy with chronic knee issues. Gonna do my best to build around him this year but if I could find the right deal I'd move him. In straight up redraft I would likely look elsewhere at his ADP. If you have two other studs to build around then yes, he's value in the 3rd. But its difficult with him as one of your two main cogs, IMO.