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  1. I will definitely take more risks during the season on my waiver pickups. I held onto guys like Jordan Reed and Devin Funchess way too long because I didn't want to regret dropping them if they started playing well. But in the process, I missed out on guys like Michel, Kittle, and Lindsay because I was too afraid to take the risk. If you don't think you'll ever start someone on a regular basis after a few weeks, don't be afraid to take some risks on guys with potential upside so that you get them before someone else does...if they don't pan out then just do the same with someone else until you find your league winner.
  2. The one last thing I would like to vent before I'm done for good on here...if we had fractional scoring in our league I would have won and been in the championship. He has a guy like Hooper who didn't touch the ball once and gets the same amount of points as someone like Lamar Miller who got 8 yards. If you actually add up all of our yards, my team played better than his, but because of the way it rounded up/down, I lose. It's like winning the popular vote and losing because of the electoral college...I now know how Hillary must have felt.
  3. I know the feeling. I noticed my opponent this week had the Chiefs defense so I picked up 3 top defenses to try and block him from getting one to play against me this week. He ends up picking up the 31st ranked Atlanta D because ESPN had them as the highest projected defense available...ends up scoring 23 points to go along with his kicker's 22.
  4. Oh I definitely did. Once I realized all I needed was one more catch from any of those 3 players I was liking my chances. Not to mention I started the night off with like a 80% chance to win and thought I would have to be very unlucky to not pull it off.
  5. I wish I was like a different guy in my league who just sets his lineup every week and then just goes with the flow. It makes it worse when you actually take all the time to do your research, always be active on waivers and making trades, and spending hours on these forums because it all comes crashing down anyways and the guy who doesn't give a s*** ends up getting just as far as me in the playoffs. And he will wake up tomorrow morning and go about his life like nothing happened. I want to be like him but then always think I can do more to make my team better and then I get too emotionally invested.
  6. Being literally depressed is an overstatement, but it definitely puts me in a worse mood the following day.
  7. The worst part about it too for me is since I feel like this whole year has gone against me, my mentality started off tonight as "well knowing my luck my players are going to choke" and then I get the glimmer of hope where I think I could actually do it, but then it ends in heartbreak and I go back to the thought process of "of course I was going to get screwed like this, why did I think anything differently would happen?"
  8. Dude I can totally relate. Seriously right now I've gone the past 4 weeks with fantasy ruining my Sundays to the point it's put me in a bad mood. Even right now my wife doesn't get why I can be so upset about fantasy football. She doesn't get the pain of missing the championship by a half point as you watch the ball go through your player's hands on the last play of the game on a Monday night. She will never get how I feel right now, but I wish I didn't have to go through this depression for the next week. At least next weekend I won't have football to ruin it again.
  9. Is anyone else so mad right now that you can't go to bed because you're too heated to do anything else? I literally am losing sleep because I'm still sitting here and looking at my score after losing by a half point.
  10. One week too late for me. Just lost by a half point with Kamara and Michael Thomas....I'm in disbelief right now. This offense is a train wreck. Only way these guys are valuable now is if they score or you play on full PPR.
  11. All I needed was 2.5 points from him to go to the championship and he got 2. Thanks for nothing you bum. I'm so mad right now I can't even tell you how much I want to quit fantasy forever
  12. I still can't believe this. If Ian Thomas catches that last pass I go to the championship...
  13. Needed 29.5 from Kamara, Michael Thomas, and Ian Thomas. I was down .5 with 3 minutes to go...Kamara and Thomas can't get me the last few yards to seal the deal and Carolina gets the ball back. 4th and 5, last play of the game...Ian Thomas drops a catchable pass and my season is over, lost by .5 points to the 6-7 team who got 45 points from his defense and kicker.
  14. ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW!?!?!?!?!!! That Ian Thomas drop literally just cost me my season. I lost by .5. I needed 29.5 from Kamara, Michael Thomas, and Ian Thomas...I got 29.
  15. And apparently my opponent's defense and kicker are outscoring Kamara and Michael Thomas by 37 points right now...