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  1. Had to play Gordon with Adams doubtful to play this week...also went up against Pats D. At least I can start looking forward to next week now...
  2. I'm jealous of the people who had an early draft pick this year. They say "you can win just as easily out of any draft position" but I'm calling BS...this year has SUCKED to be at the back of the first round. I got stuck in all my leagues drafting towards the back...everyone there was set up to fail this year based on pre-season ADP. Good luck picking a combo that avoided Conner, OBJ, Leveon, Mixon, Tyreek, Juju, etc. Meanwhile the guy getting CMC was snagging Cook and Keenan at the 2/3 turn...
  3. I thought this guy was a good buy low and I traded Godwin for him two weeks ago...every week I keep saying, "it can only get better from here, right?". I'm starting to think now that might not be the case. The only way I see things getting significantly better for him is if Freddie gets fired and Baker can start playing like an NFL QB, which is asking for a lot. For now I'm treating him as a low end boom/bust WR2, which I really hope he proves me wrong about soon. In my opinion he's gone from the "buy low" category to the "do not trade for" category. I think at this point too you just have to hold onto him if you own him and hope for the best because you aren't going to get worthwhile value in return anymore.
  4. Lost by 3...played against Andy Dalton who somehow had more points than Rodgers, OBJ, and Julio COMBINED this week...
  5. Same here, needed a combined 17 points from Chubb and OBJ tonight...was down 1 before that play and thought I still had a chance. Screw this game.
  6. For as bad as things looked last night, I'm waking up surprisingly feeling more confident going forward with Damien than I did before this game. Yes, I know he sucked with his touches, but the whole offense couldn't do much. What was encouraging was the the fact Damien saw a bulk of the RB touches and was in the game during critical drives. I'm feeling a little more confident going into next week that he will still have a solid role in this offense carved out and can still produce low end RB2 numbers.
  7. Down by 22.5 in half PPR with Chubb and OBJ...really hoping OBJ shows up tonight, I need him more than ever now.
  8. Thanks for the answer on mine! For the first scenario, I'd hold onto Kirk...especially with it being full PPR. He might only miss a week or two and then I think after that he holds the most value going forward over the others on a week to week basis. For the TE situation, I'd probably roll the dice and see what you get out of Herndon because we already saw that Hockenson is too boom/bust. Sometimes the unknown is better...Darnold might use Herndon as his safety valve and be a good RZ target with a decent floor.
  9. Bump...any thoughts here? Waivers on him go through tonight.
  10. I'd go Beasley if you want a solid guy for depth that you can rely on for 10+ points every week, but if you want the upside guy with a higher ceiling than go Deebo.
  11. I'd say either Saints or Chargers. Green Bay and Tennessee tend to be a little more careful with the ball, even though they might give up some sacks. But I think you'll have more turnover and big play opportunities against Winston and Flacco. It's a toss up for me between Saints and Chargers but might lean Chargers just based on how Tampa has looked lately.
  12. I'd actually consider dropping Gallman for him, against the Vikings I don't think he's going to repeat last week's performance and then he'll be back to being worthless soon anyways with Barkley coming back. I think Gordon will start to get rolling, McDaniels has already come and said they need to get more opportunities for him, and he's going to be used when the Pats start playing halfway decent teams and need to throw more.
  13. Someone just dropped John Brown and I'm trying to decide if he's worth spending my FAAB money to put in a claim. It's a 10 team half point PPR league...and we start 2 RB and 3 WR. Other best options on waivers are Alison and Crowder. My team is listed below. Should I spend money to pick up Brown, and if so, how much? I currently have $62 of my 100 remaining. QB: Wilson, Mayfield RB: Conner, Carson, Kerryon, Penny, Samuels WR: Adams, Boyd, Fitz, Gordon, Metcalf TE: Ertz D/ST: Eagles, Chargers K: Nugent
  14. Someone just dropped John Brown in my 10 team half PPR league. I'm guessing a couple people might notice much should I throw down? He'd be my WR5 and we start 3.
  15. I have the same options, and I'm going with the Panthers D just because the Jags offense poses the least amount of threat in my opinion. 49ers might also get some sacks on Cleveland but I think Cleveland will still put up points. I'm looking ahead to next week to stash a defense now, and eyeing up either Cowboys at the Jets (but will likely have Darnold back) or Ravens at home against Cincy (Cincy has been awful but so has the Ravens D). Who do I pick up?