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  1. If Miller's injury ends up being significant, where are you now targeting Duke in drafts? Perhaps 5th round in that tier with guys like Ingram and Michel?
  2. Apparently Zeke really didn't like those words from Jerry Jones...
  3. I'm having a tough time between these two as well. I'm currently leaning towards Chubb, but the Hunt situation is just so unpredictable that it has me feeling a little uneasy about it though. Conner is the safer pick in my opinion, but Chubb has higher upside I think if you believe Hunt will be a non-factor, but that is a huge "if".
  4. If it helps at all, since I posted this I have narrowed it down to Chubb and Conner. Cook's durability was the biggest concern I had out of all three, so for that reason I took him out of the equation. So to answer your question I'd keep Conner and Chubb. Unfortunately for me, I still find myself going back and forth between these two and my draft is tonight! So hopefully I get some clarity one way or another before then on which one I want more. I'm leaning towards Chubb at the moment but Hunt stepping in around fantasy playoffs has me a little worried...
  5. There were no standout players on the Titans or Jags because they are the Titans and Jags. Rodgers will still be throwing to Adams, a lot. Adams was great last year even when Rodgers had a down year and only threw 25 TDs. He will be throwing more this year, and he loves Adams in the red zone. There's no huge red zone targets besides Adams on this team, besides an occasional Jimmy Graham sighting. Adams will be fine and him and Hopkins belong in the top tier by themselves.
  6. I'm going against most opinions here, but I actually like the middle this year. Taking a 10 team league for example, if you were picking 6th or 7th you can get a stud WR (Adams or Hopkins) then likely have a chance at a second tier RB like Chubb, Cook, Conner at pick 14/15 if one of them falls. Then you get a nice pick in the third and can take a second WR like Hilton or Thielen, then still have some solid RBs like Carson, A. Jones, or D. Williams in the early-mid 4th.
  7. I'd be aiming for a guy like Conner or Chubb if they're still there to pair with an elite WR...whoever is left from Adams, Hopkins, Julio, Thomas, OBJ, Juju. I have the 12th pick in one of my leagues and that's what I'm planning to do. Then hoping I can get a combo of Cooks/Edelman/Diggs to pair with Carson/Aaron Jones/D. Williams at the 3/4 turn.
  8. I'm having a hard time sorting out this tier of RBs, and I will likely be targeting one of these guys as my RB2 in a .5 PPR league. In order, which guy do you like best between Aaron Jones, Damien Williams, and Chris Carson? This is assuming Kerryon is off the board, as I have him right in the tier ahead of these guys. A. Jones - Could be a beast this year, but biggest question will be his usage and staying healthy. Carson - Reports are that he will be their lead back over Penny, but Penny might still take a few touches and be involved more in the passing game. D. Williams - He would be the easy choice by far here if we knew he was going to get a majority of the work in this backfield. But rumors are that Andy Reid wants to go more RBBC than he has in the past.
  9. That's why I'm the middle of the first round, give me Hopkins or Adams over DJ and I'll grab my RB1 next round. It feels weird to be drafting this guy right after Saquon, CMC, Kamara, Zeke. If I'm in the 5th spot I'd not be happy getting DJ right after you see those guys get taken...I think the gap between them and DJ is far greater than the gap between DJ and the second tier RBs.
  10. I'm drafting this weekend, so I think I'm sliding DJ down to the bottom of the first. If he slips to me at 7 I am likely going to pass on him...the RBs in the second round seem just fine so I'll just grab a stud WR instead of him and let someone else use the high pick on DJ this year.
  11. Are you still taking him over guys like Gurley, Mixon, Chubb, Cook?
  12. So we should be fading Conner how far down our draft boards because of this?
  13. So how much do we really think Samuels is going to limit Conner's ceiling? If these talks of Samuels are a little overblown and Conner will be the bell cow, I think Conner should be going right in that tier after the top 4 RB, regardless of scoring format. Right now he's being clumped in with guys with more uncertainty...Gurely's knee, Cook's injuries, Hunt eating into Chubb's workload in the second half, Mixon's terrible offense. With all of these red flags, Conner might be the best option from the bunch with similar upside as well.
  14. Nooooo, I hate when this happens. I feel like every year I have a great plan to exploit the ESPN rankings when I draft, and now this weekend my chances of getting him in the 5th are zero.
  15. I'm drafting on ESPN, where somehow he is still ranked 29th!? I'm picking 7th in a 10 team league, and in some mocks I have been able to get him in the late third round. I know my league will be smarter than this though, but I think I can still go Adams/Hopkins in the first and pair them with Chubb at pick 14. If you are able to pair Chubb with an elite WR, I'm loving that start to building a team around.
  16. I know it's preseason, but last night the starting Arizona offense had only 12 yards and two first downs during four drives. Are we potentially getting a little ahead of ourselves assuming this offense is going to be a big improvement over last year? Just because we say, "well, things can't be worse than last year", I don't think we can simply use that argument without any proof to just shoot DJ back up to the top of our draft boards. I need to see it first. And until then, I'm a little nervous spending a premium top 5 pick on him.
  17. Andy Reid said he is playing his starters for the first full half this weekend against Pittsburgh. It should be worth watching to see how things get split up in that backfield for the first few drives. I know it's just the preseason, but if Williams is out there for a majority of the time in the first half and Hyde does nothing again, I'm probably moving him back up my draft board a bit and reconsidering him at his current ADP.
  18. I usually print off the consensus rankings from FantasyPros, that way it compiles the average rankings from over 80 experts so you don't rely on a single source that may be way off compared to everyone else. I usually then highlight the players on their cheat sheet that I am targeting, and cross off names as the draft goes along. I've been doing this for years and it seems to work really well.
  19. Thanks for the feedback everyone! I think if I have the choice I am going with Chubb, Cook, Conner in that order.
  20. Mack is one of the most game script dependent RBs in the league, I'd argue almost more so than Henry. Look at the huge variability in production based on the outcome of their games last year, it's crazy. He's an elite RB1 when they win big, barely startable when they lose. I'll be watching closely tonight on how the Packers use Jones if he plays. The only threat is Jamaal Williams stealing a few touches, but I'd rather take Jones above both of these other guys mentioned (bias aside) and put him in the tier above with Freeman, Kerryon, Fournette.
  21. I do believe Hunt will see the field more than just spelling Chubb from time to time to give him a rest. If the Browns are having a good season it only makes sense to help split the load when you get a fresh Hunt back to keep Chubb fresh for a playoff run. So the dilemma I'm having as a fantasy owner I want to use a first/second round pick on a guy who will most likely be a stud for the first half of the season, but come playoff time might give me similar production to a RB I can wait until the middle rounds for? Where at the same spot instead take a guy like Cook who could have just as high of a ceiling when healthy and continue that upside into the fantasy playoffs. I'd rather have a RB1 on my team that has potential to post elite RB1 numbers in weeks 15 and 16 when it matters most, as opposed to having a good regular season and fizzling out because Chubb's ceiling gets capped when Hunt enters the mix. I'm not saying Hunt is going to take over, but let's say they do a 60/40 or 65/35 split, I'm not sure the volume will be there for Chubb to hit the same ceiling as other elite RBs going in the same range.
  22. I think I would, if he falls to me at 7 in my league I'm going to take him, assuming the 6 players drafted before that are Saquon, CMC, Kamara, DJ, Hopkins, and Adams. I want any of those guys but if Zeke ends his holdout then getting him at 7 would be a dream come true.
  23. I have the 7th pick as well in my 10 team .5 PPR league. I'm going to try and grab Hopkins/Adams in the first round, and target a RB like Chubb or Cook in the second. I want at least one solid RB, but then depending on how things look I wouldn't be opposed to going WR heavy in rounds 3/4 and target a combo like Thielen/Cooks there.
  24. I have the 7th pick in a 10 team .5 PPR league. If things play out early how I think they will, I most likely will end up with Hopkins or Adams at 7. With the 14th overall pick, if these RBs are on the board then I want one of these guys. The problem I'm having is ranking the order of Conner, Chubb, and Cook. Conner: Can be their bellcow three down back, but talks of Jaylen Samuels seeing the field more than he did last year and Conner started to fizzle out in the second half of the season before he got hurt. Chubb: Would be my easy choice if Hunt wasn't entering the mix in week 10. Great situation with that offense and should be a beast the first 8 games. But when Kareem Hunt comes back (even playing behind Chubb) you would think at the very least Chubb's ceiling will be limited starting week 11 and during the fantasy playoffs. Cook: Has had some injuries the last couple years, but this new offense should be the perfect situation for him in Gary Kubiak's run scheme, along with the fact they want to run the ball more this year. He also has very little competition for touches. If more than one of these guys are there at 14, who would you go with?