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  1. Very interested When is the draft? is my yahoo gringosss@gmail is my leaguesafe
  2. I just sent League Safe reminders to 5 people If nothing in 15 minutes I will punt them for people that will pay asap Will post either way in 15 with info
  3. Have 6 spots still open. Work got in the way of sending out invites but am off the clock and ready to sling some. Email works best for me. First 6 to join and pay are in
  4. Everyone that sent me an email I sent an invitation to the league at ESPN Sending LeagueSafe info now Sorry for the late response, crazy busy at work and no time to respond until now I will update with how many still needed in about 45 min
  5. I need 11 owners for an ESPN H2H Most Categories- 9CAT, League Safe Draft is Monday Oct. 16, 8:00 PM PT Was having trouble finding drafts on Monday that I can make cause I'm on the West Coast. Here is a link to the league settings: $50 buy in, 100% payout 1st: $275 2nd: $175 3rd: $75 Best regular season record: $75 Reply here or email if interested or subject line "Best Coast", I will send invitations
  6. It doesn't look there is anyway to refund your money once you've paid into a leauge. Is there any way for the organizer of the LeagueSafe room to issue a refund? If not, everyone that has committed money would then have to agree on a draft date and time. I just erased my invitation to the LeagueSafe messing around with it, could you send another invite?