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  1. He’s going to play. It’s their biggest game of the year with the division title on the line. (But like he also might not play cuz Fantasy)
  2. Well, at least we don’t have to fire him up now #SpinZone
  3. Me talking myself into firing James up for Week 15 @ the Steelers
  4. I'm playing White as my flex/RB2 and I couldn't be happier. Feed me that Steelers WK 15 matchup - it will be FF Playoffs Gold.
  5. Doug must be planning his Fantasy playoff run too
  6. I'd look elsewhere for keepers (especially with a peak at your roster). Adams is a key cog in the future for Philly but the picture is murky as to who will be the lead dog.
  7. True - initial reports are not worse case scenario, however. Trying to inject some positivity into all of our FF Playoff pictures here