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  1. No, it is a real one, Money league ($50 buy in)
  2. Dang, I was drafting when this was happening ysday afternoon. I thought I was getting a good deal in a 10 team to have AJG in 5th round. Now I see I got punked. He was my flex. Now I have to scramble.
  3. Which one would you pick. I got 4 RBs in 10 team league. Looking for a fifth one. Both RBs are in crowded Backfield. Behind the starter. Devin Singletary: Low scoring offense. He just needs to be better than McCoy. If McCoy get traded he will get the start over Frank Gore and TJ Yeldon. Damien Harris: High scoring offense. Sony is better than him, if he stays healthy. James White and Rex Burkhead could take some volume off. Competition is more tougher at Pats. Please add your thoughts.
  4. And Ertz might cost me another game. What the heck, he is getting all of A Jeffery and Tates targets.
  5. Ebron caused havoc against me. Maybe a loss, I thought I had a 6-0 in 6 leagues today.
  6. Bills played nice today I think. Matt Barley did make a difference.
  7. I need 16pts (Std) from Alshon Jeffery. 100yards and a TD might be needed. Hope I can get them before half.
  8. Was still hanging on to their D in two money leagues. I am leading them. Not sure if I can trust the D for playoffs. They had a lot of opportunities. Luck just gashed them today int he first half.
  9. Sony Michel, means it is bad news for T Brady. They just forced the run game even if did not work. Worst play calling.
  10. Happy to have picked him in WW 2 of my 6 leagues. He is gonna ball ROS if Mariota plays like this.
  11. I bought AJG for K Golladay. I have AJG in one of my other leagues. He is the go to guy for Andy Dalton. Just cannot see them win without him, especially against challenging opponents.
  12. I am starting him tonight, over Baker Mayfield vs Falcons. Panthers are gonna score a lot, shootout potential.
  13. Lost by 1pt on Dallas Def on that last TD run by Mariota. Frustrating pick, Dallas Def. I had to drop R Wilson backup QB and D Baldwin to make room for Dallas Def.
  14. Dallas D to score 8+ pts, a defensive TD will be enough for a win in one league. And Zeke to stay below 17pts half PPR for a win in another league.