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  1. Admittedly I didnt know much about Bojan before the offseason, but after the jazz picked him up I took a look at his shot chart and man he is deadly. Assuming he takes on Crowder's role, he's going to fill it up on a lot of nights.
  2. Picked him back up for the playoffs after seeing his recent hot shooting. Pray for me.
  3. Got his athleticism back, dunking on fools left and right
  4. Credit Brook Lopez too, never thought of him as a defensive stopper but he stuffed Rudy a couple times. Rare terrible game from Rudy.
  5. Hes starting to trust his teammates more - you see hes not forcing shots instead finding his teammates for open 3's. The month of January has been a really good one for Donovan.
  6. Unfortunately I think Ricky is starting PG when he comes back and that makes me a bit uneasy. Ricky is a good dude and friend of Donovan but lately I havent missed the Bricky Ricky games.
  7. Jingles feeds off home crowd, jazz have a homestand coming up. Think his 3pt numbers start to go up.
  8. Laying some offensive duds, getting close to drop territory for me
  9. Best Draft Pick: DeAron Fox- 140 or Nemanja Bjelica - 224 Worst Draft Pick: Gordon Hayward - 57 Best Add: Bryn Forbes Drop You Regret: DeMarre Carroll
  10. Unfortunately this has kind of defined his career. He'll look great a couple games than lay a couple of duds the next couple. Rinse and repeat.
  11. Earning more trust from Snyder which is probably bad news for Rubio fans. Its still early but Ricky simply has to be better.
  12. Drose is killing the jazz tonight, is this real life?
  13. Listed as probable for tommorrow night. Wow. Guess it wasnt as bad as it looked.