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  1. I'm using an advanced metrics scoring system I found, with a couple small tweaks. willworldwide77@gmail.com or reply!!! ROSTER Current Roster Size: 25 Total Starters: 19 Total On Bench: 6 (1 DL) POSITION STARTERS MAXIMUM Catcher (C) 1 No Limit First Base (1B) 1 No Limit Second Base (2B) 1 No Limit Third Base (3B) 1 No Limit Shortstop (SS) 1 No Limit Left Field (LF) 0 No Limit Center Field (CF) 0 No Limit Right Field (RF) 0 No Limit Outfield (OF) 3 N/A Designated Hitter (DH) 0 No Limit Utility (UTIL) 2 N/A Pitcher (P) 9 N/A Starting Pitcher (SP) 0 No Limit Relief Pitcher (RP) 0 No Limit Bench (BE) 6 N/A Disabled List (DL) 1 N/A GAMES PLAYED LIMITS (MAXIMUMS) Batters No Limit Pitchers 13 Games Started SCORING Batting Singles (1B) 3 Doubles (2B) 6 Triples (3B) 9 Home Runs (HR) 12 Walks (BB) 2 Runs Batted In (RBI) 0.5 Stolen Bases (SB) 2 Strikeouts (K) -1 At Bats (AB) -1 Hit by Pitch (HBP) 2 Caught Stealing (CS) -2 Hitting for the Cycle (CYC) 5 Pitching Innings Pitched (IP) 6 Earned Runs (ER) -3 Wins (W) 2 Saves (SV) 4 Strikeouts (K) 2 Hits Allowed (H) -2 Walks Issued (BB) -2.5 Hit Batsmen (HB) -3 Home Runs Allowed (HR) -12 Balks (B) -5 Holds (HD) 3 Quality Starts (QS) 5 No Hitters (NH) 10 Perfect Games (PG) 10 PLAYER RULES Observe ESPN's Undroppable Players List Yes Player Universe All MLB ACQUISITION AND WAIVER RULES Lineup Changes Daily - Lock Individually at Scheduled Gametime Player Acquisition System Waivers Season Acquisition Limit No Limit Matchup Acquisition Limit 4 (for all matchups) Waiver Period 1 Day Waiver Order Move to Last After Claim, Never Reset Order TRADE RULES Trade Limit No Limit Trade Deadline Friday, August 10, 12PM ET Trade Review Period 1 Day Votes Required to Veto Trade 5
  2. 1st:$600 2nd:$200 3rd:$100 Best regular season record:$100 C 1B 2B 3B SS OF OF OF UTIL UTIL SP SP SP RP RP RP P P P P We will all protect 2 MiLB players prior to each season, resetting each season, Scoring is all points based on Fangraph metrics: AB -1.0 H 3.0 2B 6.0 3B 9.0 HR 12.0 BB 3.0 HBP 2.0 SB 2.0 RBI 2 CS -2 IP 7.5 K 2.0 H -2.0 ER -3.0 BB -2.5 HBP -3.0 HR -12.0 SV 4.0 HOLD 3.0 W 5.0