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  1. This website is burning my eyes. Why did they break it? I need a dark background.
  2. We are the same bruh. Well I went 8-5 tonight.
  3. For those who want the game, how'd he look? I couldn't watch.
  4. Guys? Guys??? It's been more than 4 hours since the Hunt news and it hasn't gone away yet. Should I see a doctor?
  5. This post. This is the post that convinced me to pick up Ware despite not being a Hunt owner. Big props. I had Ware before I news broke.
  6. Conner is a lock? Maybe I'm too high on Ware for this week? If I don't start Ware this week I probably won't start him next week vs BAL. Plus, I renamed my team Spencer's Gifts, so..
  7. I have to choose 2 between Barkley, Ware, and Conner. I feel like Saquon is must-start, and I would have said that about Conner but he's trending the wrong way. He could easily have another blow up game. It my instinct is to start Ware over Conner this week.
  8. I agree on next week, but I'm in a must-win situation this week. I think Conner is dinged up. Ware has a perfect opponent to get his touches and get some rhythm going.
  9. Am I crazy? Full PPR - 20 Team Qb Dak WR Edelman RB Saquon TE Kelce Flex Ware Bench 1 Conner Bench 2 Malcolm Brown Kicker: H. Butker
  10. Sounds about right. I'm going to start him over James Conner this week.
  11. Oops my bad. as a Patriots fan I don't know if I could trust him but yeah I suppose he could catch a touchdown or two you never know. Dart throw.
  12. Chris Hogan plays for the Patriots. Do you mean Adam Humphries?