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  1. ***WR INPUT/Discussion! WHIR!!!

    Yea, that's understandable. Kupp CAN come through with the big plays and he also receives red zone looks. So he's not a bad option at all if you are finding yourself leaning towards him. Sometimes gut feelings come through more than what the match up looks like on paper.
  2. Another plus for the choices of Gordon, Collins and Burkhead. I personally like the Redskins against the Cardinals. Here's the amount of points the past few defenses has put against Cardinals in PPR Titans Week 14: 12 Rams Week 13: 18 Jaguars Week 12: 11 So the Redskins might not be a bad play.
  3. Ertz or Westbrook? WHIR

    Without a doubt I'd take Ertz. His floor and upside are too good to pass up on. And it's the Giants. He's going to torch them as always. I know Wentz isn't there and that hurts a bit, but I think he'll be a big target regardless.
  4. Don't touch your lineup. Everyone you put in has the potential to or will ball out. You're good I'd keep Hogan on the bench because he's a risky play and you can't afford that during a playoff match up. Trust your gut on this one in my opinion.
  5. Goff or bortles n wr help

    Bortles has a good match up against the Texans and will probably pass more if Fournette is out. Sanu is consistent and against an awful Bucs, he can have a really good game with TD potential. Goodwin and Jimmy G have a great connection and Goodwin is heading towards a TD in my opinion. At the least, you can expect him to accumulate yards to get your points. Westbrook is a solid play with Hurns once again out and Blake maybe having to pass the ball a bit more without Fournette. He's been receiving a least 8 targets a game, so his floor is very solid. Nice upside with TD potential.
  6. WR & TE Help - STD WHIR!

    I'd go Hill for his nice floor and awesome upside. I'm the odd man out, but I'm really liking James this Sunday for some reason. I think Big Ben will be slinging the ball all game against NE and James will eat a few of those targets. With McDonald out and JuJu potentially sitting too, I think that makes James' upside pretty damn good.
  7. ***WR INPUT/Discussion! WHIR!!!

    Wilson is a PPR QB darling, so I'd continue riding that wave. But, you can't go wrong with either. Rodgers' talent is undeniable and If anyone can come back from an injury and light it up the first game, it's him. But, I'm voting for Wilson in this one. As far as WRs, it's a toss up between Kupp and Sanu for me. I'm liking Sanu here because Bucs are pretty damn awful and I can see Sanu having a good game against them. I worry about Kupp's targets with Woods coming back. Because then Kupp becomes a big play type player and that's risky during playoffs. I'm going Sanu by a hair.
  8. Burkhead or Goodwin - PPR? - WHIR

    Tough choices there. Jimmy G and Goodwin do have that connection. I believe Goodwin just may have a great showing Sunday. But I'm leaning towards Rex here in this big game between Steelers and Patriots. I'm thinking this will be a shootout and Rex will benefit a lot from receiving yards. Plus, his potential for a TD is too juicy to pass up.
  9. Jesse James or Ebron?? WHIR!

    I honestly like James with JuJu out. And with this being a big game, Brady and Big Ben may be slinging the ball for a shootout.
  10. Jesse James or Ebron?? WHIR!

    Ebron is the safer option with a steady, albeit low, floor(Tight End position is a wasteland so a steady floor is a luxury) . He can be inconsistent, but in PPR, He can get you close to 10 points. But, I do like the upside for Jesse if JuJu is out. His floor isn't that great, but if you can afford to put him out there with a chance of getting a dud, he'd be my choice. Are you the favorite or under in your match up?
  11. Keenan Allen against KC Gordon against Baltimore Goodwin against Titans Westbrook against Texans Funchess against Green Bay I've been switching around my lineup for days now and can't feel comfortable with any combination I've put in so far. Any help and insight would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Keenan Allen 2017 Season Outlook

    You boys ready for tomorrow? I know there's some hesitation with Rivers fantasy output because of his history with KC. Does anyone thinks this affects Keenan's production?
  13. Alvin Kamara 2017 Season Outlook

    I just went through a euphoric experience reading that. I think I'm too into this fantasy football stuff. Help...
  14. Rob Gronkowski 2017 Season Outlook

    My opponent has a really good team along with Gronk...
  15. DeAndre Hopkins 2017 Season Outlook

    It sucks knowing I could have had this stud off the waiver and I decided not to place a claim on him. I thought I was for sure secure enough with my Fuller/Watson duo and didn't need Hopkins...