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  1. 2017 Vent & Rant Thread

    I appreciate my team rallying together and showing unity by screwing me over against the Gurley owner whose team is doing fantastic. From first place to my team doing f**k all when it mattered most. What an aggravating loss. I score my lowest points ever during the championship. Of course. Oh, and Happy Birthday to me. Thanks Fantasy Gods for the gift
  2. Shepard gets the volume, but the chance of him being shadowed by PP is a little concerning. I'd feel much better about starting him if PP isn't breathing down his neck. And as you pointed out, Eli can be very inconsistent. Shepard isn't a bad choice per say, but he's a risky one. JuJu is about to become Big Ben's favorite. This was the snap count for JuJu and Bryant after AB went down: Steelers WR snap counts in W15 w/o AB: Juju (66), Martavis (36), Heyward-Bey (31), Rogers (25). 36 snaps were Bryant's lowest total since W7. Now, I'm not saying that won't go up for Bryant this week,but it's clear who will get the most opportunities here. JuJu+ his talent+opportunity=money. I just can't see JuJu having a bad game against a Texans secondary unless Big Ben is playing awful or bad luck comes into play. Bryant isn't a bad play, but I just like JuJu a bit more, personally. Gordon has Kizer throwing to him. I just can't trust in that. 1. JuJu 2. Bryant 3. Shepard(at the chance of being shut down. But the volume he'll receive should accumulate him points at least.) 4. Gordon.
  3. Championship: Wright or Cole? Whir.

    There's a few mouths to feed on the Jaguars team so you're getting on upside here. If you can afford to go the boom or bust route, I'd take on Cole. He has a high chance of getting you those big plays, a TD and has a balling Bortles slinging it towards him. He wasn't doing bad at all in PPR the previous two weeks before his game either. So he may be on the uptrend. Wright is on the safer side since the volume is there with him. If you're the favorite in your match up, you might be able to risk betting on Cole. If you're the underdog, Wright is safer.
  4. PPR League Doyle vs BAL Olsen vs TB Brate vs CAR Any insight on how these teams are against the TE? Or who you feel will do the best? All 3 should get volume for various reasons, but I'm really stuck here.
  5. PPR League Doyle vs BAL Olsen vs TB Brate vs CAR Any insight on how these teams are against the TE? Or who you feel will do the best? All 3 should get volume for various reasons, but I'm really stuck here.
  6. Need to sit 3 of these guys...

    Perine(he had a groin injury in practice) Robby (he hasn't been the same since McCown went down. I worry about his floor being too low) DT
  7. Championship HELP. WHIR

    Crabtree Fitz Woods (Olsen was a close 3rd though. Both are in favor with their QBs and should see a good amount of targets from two QBs who are balling out. But I have no idea how well Bucs do against the TE so I hesitated saying Olsen. ) Baltimore defense should be able to feast on the Colts. I'm leaning more towards them. I have Jax D and I'm honestly afraid Jimmy G is about to show out against them lol
  8. 1. Antonio (Without a doubt number one. Dude is a beast.) 2. Gronk (it's Gronk, man. lol Unless Brady retired after this year or something drastic like that.) 3. Ingram (He and Watson are interchangeable depending if Ingram ends up a FA and the implications of that.) 4. Watson 5. Ertz 6. Hill 7. Adams
  9. Right now I have McCaffrey in, but a part of me is worried this ends up one of those sneaky Stewart weeks and it halts his ceiling. I saw what McCaffrey did to GB last week and wondered if Green Bay were weak against pass catching RBs or McCaffrey just had a big game? That's the only reason I'm considering McKinnon over him. Any help and insight would be appreciated.
  10. 2017 Team Defense and Kicker thread

    In need of a kicker. Dawson or Boswell?
  11. Sterling Shepard 2017 Season Outlook

    Has PP ever played in the slot when a bigger threat was there?
  12. Greg Zuerlein 2017 Season Outlook

    Freaking hell! He's one of the best players on my team. That's a big loss for sure. Shame he's injured. I wish him the best. Wasn't he heading towards a record? Who are we aiming for now then?
  13. Keenan Allen 2017 Season Outlook

    Keenan was a draft pick for me and even when he wasn't doing what I expected of him, I held on for his potential. His big second half performances helped me get to the playoffs and I'm hoping he has another one in him this week to clinch me the championship Question, are Jets known to double coverage guys like Keenan?
  14. Christian McCaffrey 2017 Season Outlook

    How do you think the game script plays out for CMC against TB? Their last meet up held McCaffrey to about 10 points in PPR. Should there be worry?
  15. 2017 Team Defense and Kicker thread

    Which defense do you see making the biggest impact this week? Bears, Panthers or Jaguars?