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  1. Quincy Enunwa 2018 Outlook

    Apparently if you need a first down, get you an Enunwa. Need to get near the end zone? Get an Enunwa. How about a TD?? Crowell! Lol
  2. Tyrod Taylor 2018 Outlook

    Damn imagine struggling that badly in front of a booing crowd, getting concussed and then having to watch the rookie "backup" take control as if he's the veteran AND also proceed to get the team's first win in ages. Brutal.
  3. DJ Moore 2018 Outlook

    I want to believe. He's sitting on the waiver right now but I keep hesitating lol I only worry because the offense will run through Cam and McCaffrey with Funchess being next up. Where does that leave Moore?
  4. Jordan Howard 2018 Outlook

    This is frustrating. I lost in multiple leagues when all I needed was a good, not great game from Howard. I'm already concerned and it's not like a consistent RB2 is sitting on my waiver wire at the moment. It feels like I fell into trap with this one. I want to be wrong, but at this rate Howard is going to be a huge disappointment. Only week 2 I know. But it ain't looking fun or like Nagy cares about my fantasy team lol We'll see what week 3 brings. If he flops again because of coaching decisions then we might be in trouble.
  5. Royce Freeman 2018 Outlook

    Lol I take it you don't see things picking up for Royce.
  6. Royce Freeman 2018 Outlook

    Crazy to see some owners waiting and basically hoping for a Lindsay injury. I think they can coexist easily. Thunder and lightning as some say. I think Royce will be fine. Coaches just gave Lindsay more because he was producing. It's only week 2, I wouldn't panic just yet. Royce can end up the hot hand next week. Although I'd understand if some of you wanted to bench him to see how it pans out.
  7. New York Giants 2018 Outlook

    It really is a shame to see a team that has the weapons, but can't do **** all with it. Porous OL, Eli is done and because of those two key things it affects the WRs and RB. Still rooting for them but things are looking grim just two weeks in.
  8. Phillip Lindsay 2018 Outlook

    While I would love to have snatched up another Kamara from the waivers this year again. I'm expecting more RB2-ish numbers on Lindsay's good days. Hope Lindsay proves me wrong of course. But I'll for sure take RB2 numbers in my flex.
  9. What do you need for SNF/MNF?

    I need a big second half from Saquon. I'm a greedy bastard so I need at LEAST 1 TD lol
  10. Rex Burkhead 2018 Outlook

    Should have flexed Lindsay over him like my damn gut said.
  11. Greg Zuerlein 2018 Outlook

    Feels like I lost a WR2/3. Smh Greg waa great for me last year. Don't go down so soon on me, buddy.
  12. George Kittle 2018 Outlook

    Gotta love how volatile this position can be. Gave Kittle a go in one league. Cost me the week. So that sucks lol
  13. Phillip Lindsay 2018 Outlook

    So, how many of you started him?
  14. Greg Zuerlein 2018 Outlook

    Doesn't even look natural smh. So used to him putting up the big numbers.
  15. Week 2 injury thread

    Oh come on! Even my kicker is going down? Fantasy football is being real petty towards me smh.