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  1. it's crazy how delusional laker fans are.... no one wants your s--- assets
  2. you are straight up delusional if you think NOP HAVE to take LA's deal before the deadline
  3. yes... they were 4th... 34 games into the season with one of the easiest opening schedules......... ???????
  4. i don't think waiting for confirmation is necessary here... even if it wasnt the same knee as before, the best case scenario seems to be a return during IRL playoffs which is also extremely unlikely
  5. at the very least hes an elite handcuff who should still be able to produce with 23 min
  6. tough between this guy and Jon Isaac. Siakam obviously playing better right now but don't know how much OG will hurt Siakam
  7. I think we need to pump the brakes on dropping guys who literally have yet to play a regular season game in guys like Mo Bamba. See how all your guys play tomorrow, but really if there's a drop on your team it's javale
  8. I actually got isaac with the last pick in the draft... 156. lol hes ranked like 256