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  1. Here is a link to the league settings: Make sure to look over them because they differ from a lot of the default settings. These are the final settings for the year so no changes will be made. The scoring settings were made for multiple reasons based on past experience in leagues: 1. To value efficient scoring over rebounds+assists+inefficiency. (Ex. Curry is ranked ahead of Westbrook per game last year). 2. To balance positions: The 25th ranked player at each position is within 2 fantasy points per game of each other. 3. To balance draft position advantage. The 10th and 11th ranked players are worth about 92% of the 1st and 20th ranked players combined going by last season's numbers. Was as close as I could get it, while keeping the other 2 criteria in mind. The payouts will go as follows: 1st: $450 2nd: $180 3rd: $70 Here is the link to pay through LeagueSafe: Once you are paid, I will send you the invite to the league.
  2. Just sent you LeagueSafe invites. Once you pay up, I'll send the league invites.
  3. Yup. I put the wrong LeagueSafe link in the Post. This is the correct one:
  4. League info: Payouts: 1st: $150 2nd: $60 3rd: $30 Still lots of slots open. Pay here through LeagueSafe and I will send an invite: