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  1. Is the draft at 7 pm tomorrow or at the time indicated in the ESPN page? I am interested in the first case
  2. Drafting on Saturday 13th at 11AM Eastern (early in the day because we are mostly Italians). We need just one more owner. Pretty standard league: $10 buy-in through LeagueSafe, 8 owners, 9-cat, each-cat, 12-player rosters, snake draft, 4-team playoffs. Pay-outs: 1) $50, 2) $20 3) $10. First come first served, either here or in a private message.
  3. Invites sent. First come first served for the final spot.
  4. You should have it somewhere in your mail
  5. I am looking for five owners for a fun league that does not require much effort. Minimal buy-in to assure commitment, payment through Leaguesafe. 1st place $50, 2nd $20, 3rd $10. We'd like to draft on Tuesday at 5 pm ET, but we will move it, up until Sunday, if it is not filled. Starting time will remain the same.
  6. Hi there, we are two owners who are looking to join a 8 or 9-cat ESPN H2H league, 8 or 10 teams, 30$ buy-in at most. We have been doing it for few years for free, we are very active and looking to step it up. We'd prefer to use Paypal but we could use Leaguesafe it that is a deal breaker. We are Europeans so the draft would have to be early to make it work for us, at the latest by 4 pm ET. Not necessarily looking to draft today, we can wait up to next weekend. Email me at