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  1. Questionnable for this week but look serious for not playing
  2. Ok Conner i think same thing. between Lindsay Ekeler and Gordon itโ€™s difficult...
  3. Hi i am in standard league, who to start between Conner (no Samuels and new QB), Lindsay , Ekeler and Gordon ?? Thanks you
  4. In Yahoo projections, I am already first in blocks, so interest to do this? it seems, if I look yahoo projections, that I am not good at points, assists and rebonds... Good at FT%, Blocks, TO
  5. Hi, I'm not specialist of nab, but it's for play with friends. 12 team league, H2H 9cat, pick 10th my team: Butler, J Holiday, J Jackson Jr, Hield, B Lopez, Valanciunas, Teague, Wendell Carter Jr, D White, R Gay, Len, PJ Tucker and Bazemore... what do you think ? idea for trade for better team ? For information on the waiver : J Grant, Bertrand, Looney, k Anderson, Prince, Herro, D Smith Jr, Shamet, Kleber, Nurkic, T Hardaway Jr, Zubac, Thompson, Fulda, Noel, Poetl, Bamba... Thanks you
  6. McCaffrey questionnable... what happens?!
  7. Problem is today waller is the best target so defense will particulary cover him