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  1. Ok thanks you when will they know that?
  2. Statut now Injured... out for how many times?
  3. Help for newbie...

    Only thing it s that W Johnson give me steals and blocks. Lyles no... it’s only thing he makes me not sure
  4. Help for newbie...

    Thanks you and Bullock and Satoransky is not better than my players ? After injury, i keep Rivers ?
  5. Hi, i need help for some players, standard league i have in my league players like Bullock, Lamb, Lyles, Satoransky who are FA I don't know if i must take one, my players low are i think : D Caroll, J Henson, W Johnson, J Randle... Should i take FA players and if yes, for what players ? my others players are : Westbrook, M Brogdon, K Thompson, Hollis-jefferson, D Green, E Kanter, D Jordan, B Simmons, M Williams 2 players injuries : Millsap and A Rivers thanks you for your help
  6. 12/17/17 - Dolphins @ Bills

    Drake :-( all my choices are bad
  7. 12/17/17 - Ravens @ Browns

    Collins.... so bad in standard league
  8. Murray...already 10 points :-(
  9. In standard league, Goodwin vs Ten or Jeffery @nyg thanks you
  10. I need a wr and a flex!

    Westbrook for sure flex davis
  11. QB/Flex help. WHIR

    Foles and blount
  12. In standard league, A. Collins @cle or Lat. Murray vs Cin thanks you

    Jones jr for me
  14. Who to start

    Rb gordon ingram wr goodwin aj green flex drake