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  1. Green and Zubac same team... better have Zubac ? So drop Green ?
  2. Hi yahoo league 9 cat. i must drop Holmes , jamychal green or Okafor for Zubac ? thanks you
  3. In standard league , C Brate@baltimore or I Thomas vs NO ? thanks you
  4. Standard league yahoo who to start between damien williams vs chargers and Mcguire vs Texans ? thanks you
  5. Denver defense afraid me... my other choice is white @miami and between the 2, difficult. Wilson will be the man who run but big defense.
  6. In standard league, Edwards @kc or Wilson vs Denver?
  7. All White ????? with Michel its not my first choice, no??
  8. Against Oakland he didn't have a lot of against Baltimore , very good against the run, i think he don't have a lot of touches
  9. Good matchup ?! with him , white, ware and wilson jr i don’t know...