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  1. Jack Doyle 2018 Outlook

    I have both too... start doyle or Ebron?
  2. Adrian Peterson 2018 Outlook

    Start him this week ? so bad last game...
  3. Hi, i must drop 1 player. Bjelica or Markieff Morris ? I don't know between this 2 players help me please thanks you
  4. Week 9 Injury Thread

    Ridley questionnable...
  5. Wtf with Peterson ?! No more rush ?!?
  6. Hi, i am in standard league yahoo. someone put D Thomas on the waiver...MVS is free agent too i'd like to take him but who to drop ? i have JuJu, Sutton and Ridley... who to drop ? I play with 2 wr. i have Fournette, Gordon , White and Chubb for rb, i play with 2 rb. With injuries i prefer to keep Chubb. i don't know who to drop.... thanks a lot for your help
  7. Calvin Ridley 2018 Outlook

    An idea of Ridley ROS ? Wr2 or wr3?
  8. Jack Doyle 2018 Outlook

    I must drop Ebron for Doyle?
  9. I drop Fuller and i need a Wr... on the waiver i have Coutee, Sutton, Parker.... who to own ?? thanks you
  10. Eric Ebron 2018 Outlook

    Sorry i m french ok Doyle. I just hope injury is really finish...
  11. DeVante Parker 2018 Outlook

    Will he play this week ? If yes, must own ? I drop fuller...
  12. Eric Ebron 2018 Outlook

    Better to own Ebron or Doyle ? i have Ebron but Doyle is FA... Ebron had a TD this week
  13. What can i do with Collison ? if i want to trade him against a player who does blocks and rebounds... who i can target for a equal trade ? Thanks you
  14. Should i drop Olynyk for D Jones ? or it's an error for long term... i need to have more blocks without changing others categories... i take MKG for Knox for this... and i don't know for Jones...? help me please
  15. I need blocks on my team, it's the man i must take ?