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  1. 12/17/17 - Dolphins @ Bills

    Drake :-( all my choices are bad
  2. 12/17/17 - Ravens @ Browns

    Collins.... so bad in standard league
  3. Murray...already 10 points :-(
  4. In standard league, A. Collins @cle or Lat. Murray vs Cin thanks you
  5. In standard league, Goodwin vs Ten or Jeffery @nyg thanks you
  6. I need a wr and a flex!

    Westbrook for sure flex davis
  7. QB/Flex help. WHIR

    Foles and blount

    Jones jr for me
  9. Who to start

    Rb gordon ingram wr goodwin aj green flex drake
  10. Not nelson with rodgers? With rodgers, nelson is a top wr!
  11. hi, i m in standard yahoo league i need 2 wr, 1 rb and 1 flex (wr or rb) WR : i have Jeffery (@nyg), Goodwin (vs Ten), Nelson (@Car) and Hogan (@Pit) Nelson with Rodgers could be a good thing...but it's Carolina, not the browns... between Jeffery and Goodwin difficult to make a choice... Jeffery scores TD, Goodwin not TD but a lot of yards... Hogan bench him i think RB: i have Hyde (vs Ten), Lat. Murray (vs Cin), Drake (@Buf), A. Collins (@Cle) and D. Lewis (@Pit) Hyde too irregular, not reliable Lewis, difficult after last game, a lot of rb... Murray, burfict is back, there is mckinnon too... Drake, depends on weather, if williams back... Collins, big matchs last weeks, but there are Allen and Woodhead... so help me for my 2 wr and 1 rb for my flex i think to take a rb... thanks to all
  12. Always thinking but for me now : Sr i bench hogan and start nelson. Always difficult between goodwin and jeffery ? rb : bench lewis hyde; start drake if no williams, always difficult between collins and murray ?? help me others please
  13. Marquise Goodwin 2017 Season Outlook

    Difficult matchup for goodwin. And i have Jeffery too, difficult choice between the 2...
  14. So no goodwin and no murray...?? difficult choices j williams is FA too...good choice for this week?
  15. Alex Collins 2017 Season Outlook

    So collins over murray for you ;-) and drake?
  16. 2RB 3WR 1Flex. Need input WHIR

    Rb howard and lewis wr adams jeffery landry flex morris
  17. Alex Collins 2017 Season Outlook

    Why lol ? It's joke? I really don't know what to do
  18. Alex Collins 2017 Season Outlook

    Because of allen and woodhead and because i have also drake and lat. murray and only 2 rb in my
  19. [WDIS] Need 3 RBs [WHIR 100%]

    Williams hunt and drake
  20. Who to Start at QB???? WHIR
  21. Pick my RB!! (Ugly choices)

    Williams for me... don t like redskins offense last weeks
  22. Alex Collins 2017 Season Outlook

    Browns D strong against run... Collins will be good choice ? There are also woodhead and allen... i have drake and murray so i need informations on this matchup for collins
  23. Last 2 weeks in standard league : murray 2 and 9 points only...