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  1. He also contributed to a lot of dudes getting knocked out last week myself included.
  2. Typical J-Rich shooting slump coming at the worst possible time. Lost my semi thanks to this spastic,
  3. 1/7 in back to back games. lol what a piece of s---
  4. Pascal would be beasting tonight if he could make a shot. I expect these kind of shooting percentages from Rubio not the Historic Beast. Hopefully he turns it around in the next half.
  5. I'll take the fall for this one. I bragged about him after the hot start in my fantasy group chat...
  6. I'm cutting Gary Harris (2 games) to take a chance on Huerter (3 games). If it doesn't pan out then I'll just stream that spot and probably achieve the same or better production that I was getting from Gaz.
  7. Anyone expecting he could put together a nice run ROS?
  8. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/732013-2018-19-cool-story-bro/
  9. Put a fork in the big fella - he's done!
  10. Two games next week and the first isn't until Wednesday. Hopefully that's enough time for him to get back out there, but I really want him healthy for his five game schedule the following week.