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  1. Hello Rotoworld, I have a Yahoo DFS league with upto 100-player limit. Looking for players to join for the SEASON! Below is the setup.. LEAGUE DETAILS - UP TO 100 TOTAL PLAYERS - DONE ON YAHOO - 20 WEEK SEASON (SEPT 8 - JAN 19) - WEEKLY PRICES (TOP-3) - SEASON PRICES (TOP-5) {SEASON PASS PLAYERS ONLY} SEASON PASS {MUST BE PAID FOR IN FULL 3-DAYS PRIOR TO FIRST KICK-OFF}: Pay once, play all season. - $150 per team - Weekly payout (TOP-3 - $5 per each SEASON PASS team + $8 per each WEEKLY PLAYERS) - Season End Payout (TOP-5 will be paid with rest of the $50 per SEASON PASS team. Payout TBD) WEEKLY PLAYERS (Currently only looking for SEASON PASS players) - Can choose to play any week without the commitment to play entire season. - Penalty is that they will pay extra $3. - Ineligible for SEASON PRICES - Weekly payout (TOP-3 - $5 per each SEASON PASS team + $8 per each WEEKLY PLAYERS) Payment via Paypal
  2. Funny... I have all three of these players But this being a dynasty .. I would NOT trade. Unless your waiver wire has a young talent (RHJ/Mo Bamba) that you really like. What do u think about my squad?
  3. Embiid > Simmons in every way other than passing.. So yes. What do you think of my squad.. and help with a FA pickup ?
  4. Team A indeed. - Any thoughts on my team?
  5. I just drafted 8th in my league, and got lucky with KAT and Dame What do u think of my squad..
  6. I would go for it. You are getting a 2nd round pick for your 3rd, plus CJ and Lillard are similar players.
  7. You got a solid team. I would go with Nance over Gay. Cavs is going to be run-n-gun this year, and Nance can be a top-100 guy if he can stay healthy.
  8. G, G, G, F, F, F, C, Utl, Utl, Bn, Bn, IR, IR My Team: 1. (8) Karl-Anthony Towns (Min - C) 2. (17) Damian Lillard (Por - G) 3. (32) Kevin Love (Cle - F,C) 4. (41) Eric Bledsoe (Mil - G) 5. (56) Gordon Hayward (Bos - G,F) 6. (65) Paul Millsap (Den - F,C) 7. (80) D'Angelo Russell (Bkn - G) 8. (89) Jabari Parker (Chi - F) 9. (104) Tyreke Evans (Ind - G) 10. (113) Josh Jackson (Pho - G,F) 11. (128) DeMarcus Cousins (GS - F,C) I feel like i was on point until 7th round, then i phased off. What are your thoughts? Also am looking to pick up a player since Boogie is going to IR... Avail Free Agents: Hollis-Jefferson IT Mo Bamba Josh Hart Noel Poeltl Patrick Beverly K Knox Gallinari Bobby Portis
  9. I have a weekly Y! DFS. $5 per week, Monday payout (sunday games only). We get anywhere between 15-25 players each week. let me know if you are interested.
  10. I am more used to Points league hence needing extra help with CAT leagues. My view on JJ and Josh is that they will both provide me with Blocks + Steals and chip on all other stats. Plus Josh plays 3 positions which is a +++ Didn't JJ start last year strong before he got hurt? Brown does look good though. I dropped Maarkanen for Gallo already.. should i wait to see how the squad plays out before making more changes or go for Brown now?
  11. Thanks Picked Gallo up....(had to look up who rooster was )
  12. Hell yes...Gobert is a 1st round talent. DO IT. Any advice for my squad?
  13. Standard Yahoo 8-Team 9-Cat League Hey all this was the draft result, and with 2 IR spots, I added Lavine and moved Batum to IR...and picked up Lauri Markkanen Chi - PF. Notable WW guys: JJ Redick D Gallinari TJ Warren W Barton A Crabbe W Chandler J Ingles T Prince RHJ Jaylen Brown Should I stay put or make any more moves? Thanks in advance.
  14. Jaylen Brown Hollis-Jefferson Caleb Swanigan Dedmon Collins ^^ my picks would be in that order. Thanks for help on my squad btw.
  15. Thanks!! I am not sure if I should go for HOT WW in a first couple of weeks of just hang on to my team for ~month or so before making any changes.