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  1. Funny... I have all three of these players But this being a dynasty .. I would NOT trade. Unless your waiver wire has a young talent (RHJ/Mo Bamba) that you really like. What do u think about my squad?
  2. G, G, G, F, F, F, C, Utl, Utl, Bn, Bn, IR, IR My Team: 1. (8) Karl-Anthony Towns (Min - C) 2. (17) Damian Lillard (Por - G) 3. (32) Kevin Love (Cle - F,C) 4. (41) Eric Bledsoe (Mil - G) 5. (56) Gordon Hayward (Bos - G,F) 6. (65) Paul Millsap (Den - F,C) 7. (80) D'Angelo Russell (Bkn - G) 8. (89) Jabari Parker (Chi - F) 9. (104) Tyreke Evans (Ind - G) 10. (113) Josh Jackson (Pho - G,F) 11. (128) DeMarcus Cousins (GS - F,C) I feel like i was on point until 7th round, then i phased off. What are your thoughts? Also am looking to pick up a player since Boogie is going to IR... Avail Free Agents: Hollis-Jefferson IT Mo Bamba Josh Hart Noel Poeltl Patrick Beverly K Knox Gallinari Bobby Portis
  3. Embiid > Simmons in every way other than passing.. So yes. What do you think of my squad.. and help with a FA pickup ?
  4. Which side? WHIR

    Team A indeed. - Any thoughts on my team?
  5. Best draft spot in H2H points?

    I just drafted 8th in my league, and got lucky with KAT and Dame What do u think of my squad..
  6. Trade Lillard for McCollum? - WHIR

    I would go for it. You are getting a 2nd round pick for your 3rd, plus CJ and Lillard are similar players.
  7. Rate my team (9 cat) - WHIR 100%

    You got a solid team. I would go with Nance over Gay. Cavs is going to be run-n-gun this year, and Nance can be a top-100 guy if he can stay healthy.
  8. Looking for a weekly league

    I have a weekly Y! DFS. $5 per week, Monday payout (sunday games only). We get anywhere between 15-25 players each week. let me know if you are interested.
  9. Standard Yahoo 8-Team 9-Cat League Hey all this was the draft result, and with 2 IR spots, I added Lavine and moved Batum to IR...and picked up Lauri Markkanen Chi - PF. Notable WW guys: JJ Redick D Gallinari TJ Warren W Barton A Crabbe W Chandler J Ingles T Prince RHJ Jaylen Brown Should I stay put or make any more moves? Thanks in advance.
  10. 8-Team 9-Cat Help needed!! WHIR++

    I am more used to Points league hence needing extra help with CAT leagues. My view on JJ and Josh is that they will both provide me with Blocks + Steals and chip on all other stats. Plus Josh plays 3 positions which is a +++ Didn't JJ start last year strong before he got hurt? Brown does look good though. I dropped Maarkanen for Gallo already.. should i wait to see how the squad plays out before making more changes or go for Brown now?
  11. 8-Team 9-Cat Help needed!! WHIR++

    Thanks Picked Gallo up....(had to look up who rooster was )
  12. PG13/M.Gasol for Gobert/LMA/DIPO

    Hell yes...Gobert is a 1st round talent. DO IT. Any advice for my squad?
  13. Jaylen Brown Hollis-Jefferson Caleb Swanigan Dedmon Collins ^^ my picks would be in that order. Thanks for help on my squad btw.
  14. How does my squad look - 12-Team points league (some insight on partial scoring 3 = 4Pts; St & Blk = 3Pts; Ast = 2Pts; Pt = .5Pts; Reb = 1.5; TO = -1Pts) Roster Positions: G, G, G, F, F, F, C, Util, Util, Util, BN, BN, BN, IL, IL Field Goals Attempted (FGA) -0.45 Field Goals Made (FGM) 1.0 Free Throws Attempted (FTA) -0.75 Free Throws Made (FTM) 1.0 3-point Shots Attempted (3PTA) -1 3-point Shots Made (3PTM) 3 Points Scored (PTS) 0.5 Total Rebounds (REB) 1.5 Assists (AST) 2.0 Steals (ST) 3.0 Blocked Shots (BLK) 3.0 Turnovers (TO) -1.0 Ejections (EJCT) -3 Double-Doubles (DD) 5 Triple-Doubles (TD) 10 Ball in YO LANE 1. (9) John Wall (Was - G) 2. (16) Draymond Green (GS - F,C) 3. (33) Nikola Vucevic (Orl - F,C) 4. (40) Paul Millsap (Den - F,C) 5. (57) Devin Booker (Pho - G) 6. (64) Patrick Beverley (LAC - G) 7. (81) Aaron Gordon (Orl - F) 8. (88) James Johnson (Mia - F) 9. (105) Kent Bazemore (Atl - G,F) 10. (112) Josh Richardson (Mia - G,F) 11. (129) Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (Bkn - F) 12. (136) JaMychal Green (Mem - F) 13. (153) Taurean Prince (Atl - F) I feel like i made a mistake with Booker but not sure who else to take at that point.. Rubio, DLo were gone, i needed a G.
  15. Thanks!! I am not sure if I should go for HOT WW in a first couple of weeks of just hang on to my team for ~month or so before making any changes.
  16. Rate my Team! WHIR

    Looks good, but a high Inj Risk team. Look to add more depth at SG and C. Find some better players on WW and drop Thon Maker until he proves his worth. what do you think of my points league squad..
  17. Great insight...exactly what i was expecting. My take on Pat Bev was that he just needs a little on-court time to produce as he will be a good source for 3 and D. We will see... but thanks!
  18. Thats why you would be able to ask for premium return for Giannis....People are valuing him to the Moon, where in fact he is just as good as Harden/Durant (maybe a littel more ) Jokic for Irving + Ball/stud rookie would be my trade offer.
  19. You got a solid squad, but no real strength (except for maybe FG%). what do you think of my points league squad..
  20. Thad Young for my WCS? WHIR 100%

    I would.. WCS is hit-or-miss. Thad is rock solid. what do you think of my points league squad..
  21. Very solid team... Drop your bench guys as season progresses and pick up hot WW pickups. what do you think of my points league squad..
  22. Ditto Very solid squad. pick up them guys off of Waivers. Also look for Josh Richardson or Ronde Hollis-Jefferson on WW
  23. Embiid for Derozan?

    Embiid's new contract has a lot of protections against injuries. He knows to be careful. I will stick by him. what do you think of my points league squad..
  24. This scoring has been adjusted for past few years and is just about perfected now. Scored 2pt FG = 1.55 Fan pts Missed = -.45 Scored 3pt FG = 4.05 Fan pts Missed = -1.45 So in that regards rebounds are a match... This scoring is basically even, and as long as the player plays well and doesn't hurt his NBA team with bad %, our league will reward them.
  25. Points league will mesh all that together into one ## at the end of the game...Basically Wall's last season's per game Avg was 46.xx with only diff being that TOs were worth -2. I hope my 1-1-1 guys come through as I was targeting them and luckily getting them late in the draft.