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  1. Don't care about Jimmy cause it's gonna be Bam all the way! No more Whiteside bumming!
  2. after more than a week of headache (trade rumors, deadline, bad statline, etc.), i finally decided to go down with the ship. i don't care what happens next but hopefully, pelicans and davis act professional and do their job.
  3. and here i thought of using my 4th waive for rondo. this lineup switch is a total bum. they could easily put ingram off the bench lol
  4. Love will surely get limited minutes. Same goes with Chriss because we all know his history of inconsistency. As for Nance and Zizic, I think they will get bulk minutes in the frontcourt. With Cavs' ranking, I don't think TT gets more than 20 minutes. But who knows... We're talking about a team that is equally unpredictable as the Knicks.
  5. mine too. was shocked when i refreshed the page and boom, premium
  6. rondo's as valuable as bron in the lakers right now. not only his assists but also his exp as a vet which he shares on and off the court. i don't expect lonzo to be back anytime soon, so better hold on to this guy here.
  7. ac forum bruh. but to answer your question, yep. i would trade for aquaman if you're punting ft and 3s.
  8. brodie's "effort" to get more triple doubles really affects our guy here.
  9. if this is how pelicans want to do it, then they're absolutely a trash org. a childish move to insult davis. i dont care if they fck davis off the court, but man, they need to man up and be professional on court. they're tanking i know, but they can tank without being a pussy, right?