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  1. Williams is going to be the main guy barring an injury. Chiefs have fully endorsed him as that. I’m not sure if you have watched all of the games after Hunt was gone but he way over exceeded expectations. In every aspect.
  2. He went 2.2 in a 12 team $250 Fantasy Championship on RTSports.
  3. 10 team 9Cat Roto scoring Adams, Steven (C,Flx) OKC Cousins, DeMarcus (C,Flx) NOR Simmons, Ben (F,Flx) PHI Turner, Myles (F,Flx) IND Warren, TJ (F,Flx) PHX Middleton, Khris (G,Flx) MIL Oladipo, Victor (G,Flx) IND Paul, Chris (G,Flx) HOU Bradley, Avery (G,Flx) DET Porzingis, Kristaps (F,Flx) NYK Harris, Gary (G,Flx) DEN Len, Alex (C,Flx) PHX Murray, Jamal (G,Flx) DEN How do you think I did? Leave a link
  4. Because of your depth I would do the trade
  5. I think your team looks good. I think Booker will be just fine for you.
  6. Howard, Kamari, AD because of the volume
  7. I agree with going for Tyrod and dropping trevor