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  1. Minutes should be there, what a shocking trade but Jabari had the crappy contract to make the money work lol
  2. I'm sensing a dip from his 18/4/4 he was putting up before just because the team has found success through other players. I've been stashing for a while but my expectation is 15/4/2.5 with same percentage moving forward. Hopefully he can bounce back to the same stats but I think it may be unrealistic to expect that.
  3. I feel like this is a mirage or I'm just salty I didn't pick him up. Either way happy for him getting this opportunity and balling out. He literally owned Sabonis
  4. Just curious if you still feel this way after how Luka is playing and Otto is playing. Asking for a friend
  5. I feel like I was pretty close here and he's even outperformed this!
  6. I got you, and kind of agree. Otto just needs to be more aggressive, he's equally as frustrating to watch as he is to own this year.
  7. Well then you don't watch him play, he has no ability to create his own shot or create shots for others. He's not a playmaker, and I'm not saying Ariza is some godly playmaker he's just better at it then Otto and the Wizards need that badly right now. Look at any assist stat this season (see below) or just go watch Otto for a few possessions and show me him creating a shot for a teammate, it's few and far between. Season&TeamID=1610612764
  8. Ariza is a better ball handler and can control the offense better than Otto can
  9. Wow a straight up drop, I get it but only if you're low in the standings. I would urge other to try and hold out until the deadline if you can.
  10. What are we thinking his value would be as a Knick? Rotoworld says not worth the stash and I kind of agree but the upside is there for sure. I'm just afraid of the Fizdale minute situation.
  11. There's always one person like you that has to call out a league when you say a trade lol. I appreciate this forums consistency. top 15 and top 40 for top 5 isn't all that crazy but that being said he offered it and I accepted w/o hesitation, didn't even check the stats. Hield has slightly more value in this league because it's a contract keeper league and I got him for 1$ in the draft so his keeper value is nice but the owner was feeling desperate because he's in last. Overall I agree a very poor decision by this owner to give me that trade. The point though is that Jrue is a nice piece of a package deal for a superstar.