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  1. I missed Fournette by two picks, but got Kerryon Johnson in the 3rd and then Marlon Mack late in the 4th. I basically stacked up on best RB available for the next couple of rounds as well adding Tarik Cohen, and Kenyan Drake. I was really hoping Fournette would fall to me but Kerryon Johsnon was a target of mine anyway. I think the Hopkins AB combo can be deadly.
  2. So what are your guys thoughts, are you starting him week 1, or taking the wait and see approach to see how things play out?
  3. I picked Hopkins round 1 with the 4th pick, and then got Antonio in that late 2nd round position. Running backs are weak on my team but I'm hoping Hopkins and Antonio will finish top 3 WR in fantasy. The hate Antonio is getting should not take away from his talent level, he's still elite talent even with the antics. If Derek Carr can get back to his 2015-2016 self I see no reason for AB not to be a top 10 player.
  4. I'm expecting very similar stats to last year and my prediction is: 22/7/7 on 43% and 75% from the line. I'm thinking high TOs as well. Not worth the ADP but he'll fill the stat sheet in your H2H leagues. points, boards, assists, 3s, and steals should all be solid. He's basically a low fg/ft% Jokic. Obviously less rebounds but you get the gist.
  5. 22/6/6 w/ 1.5 steals and a three a game on 46% shooting
  6. Drafted him in the 5th round last year over Vucevic... never again. Love Gary but the injury history is real. I have no doubt he can turn it around because he's very skilled but I would only take him if he's available in the 7th-8th round.
  7. The potential here is definitely there, the last time he played he averaged: 22.7/6.6/1.2 w/2.4 blocks and 1.9 3s a game on .439% shooting There's weaknesses even at his best, he doesn't rebound and fg is always low. The blocks, 3s, high ft, and scoring is there and there's an argument having a real PG and better coach could improve FG. I'm confident he'll return to form. My expectation is 20/6/1 w/ 2 blocks and 2 3s a game on .450% shooting
  8. Idk what your definition of sniffing is but 1 game is smelling pretty good right now. Pitchers are clicking when they weren't to start the year and that's what this team is built on. You can't deny the starting pitching talent.
  9. It depends who's available at my draft position, but one thing I know is when he plays he'll be really good. That being said I would bet cash that he sits back to backs. They're gonna want him as a trade piece so health will be big. There's no doubt he can help a playoff team and I hope it's Orlando
  10. He's definitely not a second rounder unless it's a 14 team league but I could see 3rd rounder. So I'll change my statement to 3rd - 4th rounder. I'm not a Pascal hater by any means, I traded for him in my keeper league last year but it is ill advised to take him in the 2nd. 27 players I'm definitely taking ahead of him: James Harden Anthony Davis Paul George Stephen Curry Karl-Anthony Towns Giannis Antetokounmpo Kawhi Leonard Kyrie Irving Joel Embiid Nikola Vucevic Damian Lillard Nikola Jokic Bradley Beal Jimmy Butler Rudy Gobert Andre Drummond Kemba Walker Jrue Holiday Clint Capela LeBron James LaMarcus Aldridge Myles Turner Mike Conley Russell Westbrook Deandre Ayton Tobias Harris Potentially taking ahead of him: Kyle Lowry Demar Derozan Devin Booker Lauri Markkanen Otto Porter Buddy Hield Blake Griffin Kevin Love Ben Simmons De'Aaron Fox C.J. McCollum D'Angelo Russell Donovan Mitchell
  11. John Collins finishes top 30 Julius Randle finishes top 30 Trae Young outranks Jamal Murray Kemba Walker out performs Kyrie Irving Jimmy Butler scores 25 a game
  12. There's a lot to read in this thread when all we really need to say is pick him in the 4th -5th round lol
  13. Another year of people downplaying the Joker. The Nuggets finished second in the west playing directly through him and that's not going to change. Do not expect a stat dip at all. 21/11/8 on 50% shooting He's gotten better every season and the Nuggets record has gotten better every season and people are talking stat dips. Jokic finished 29th in the league in usage % and only 2.5% more usage then Jamal Murray. If the nuggets focus on changing that a little so Joker has the ball a few %s more then Murray we could see a larger uptick in stats.
  14. Wait at what point in time was Larry Nance a top 30 player lol
  15. Not including the Warriors in your bold is blasphemous. Curry is that good don't get it twisted.