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  1. I would say it’s close but make the trade. Harris is injury prone, Harrell isn’t as dominant, and Mitchell is a stud.
  2. Wouldn’t go for it but if I had davis it would take a lot for me to give him up, considering it’s a 2 for 1
  3. 12 Team H2H Points Giving: Mirotic (27.1) Recieving: Booker (29.0) What do you guys think of this ROS? I’m more concerned with Championship weeks and thinking about Booker’s injury history.
  4. I think that your team looks really solid and will be fine when love/oladipo return. Maybe start streaming for bigs so you can get those numbers up while you wait.
  5. I would say Fournier would be your best option ROS but if you wanted to take a flier on someone I would go Matthews or Morris
  6. 12 Team, Points League, H2H (Scoring similar to yahoo) Giving: Aaron Gordon (26.2) Receiving: Josh Richardson (25.3) What are your thoughts on this trade? I only have 1 SG and none are available on the waivers. Thanks!