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  1. Thanks for your help. Hmmm tough choice, id roll with Allen. I like Mcguire as flex. I have him for my flex option as well.
  2. QB: Watson RB: Barkley, Chubb WR: Cooks, R. Anderson TE: Brate Flex: McGuire Def: Saints Bench: WR: Landry, Pettis, R. Foster RB: J. White TE: Graham How does my lineup for Sundays game? Should I move Landry in there some where? Anderson has been on a hot streak, while Landry has been up and down, same with Cooks. McGuire looks safe at flex i think. Should I keep it the way it is or move Landry in over Cooks or Anderson?
  3. The Saints defense has been one of the best defense the last 6 games averaging double digit fantasy points. Should I keep riding their hot streak for the title? Or pickup a different team? Miami vs Jax Browns vs Bengals
  4. I have Brandin Cooks and Landry as my WRs right now but Landry has been very disappointing, should I start him or any of my bench? Pettis vs Bears Anderson vs GB R. Foster vs NE Humphries vs Dallas
  5. Pettis and Patrick. Thanks for your help.
  6. I have Brate and Graham. Both have been busts. Kinda hard to trust week to week. Should I start anyone of them or go to the WW? Available options: Everett vs Cardinals Herndon vs GB Ian Thomas vs Steelers LaCoste vs Raiders
  7. It comes down to this game, who should I flex? Mcguire vs GB Humphries vs Dallas Foster vs NE Anderson vs GB
  8. Im leaning towards McGuire with Crowell out. Any suggestions?
  9. Leaning towards McGuire since Crowell will be out and he should be a workhorse back and he is also involved in the passing game which is good. Any suggestions?