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  1. I'm 28.24pts ahead and I'm done. Opponent has Mark Ingram. I started Keenan Allen and Aaron Jones. Luckily I also own Lamar Miller but he was on my bench!!! My opponent will go crazy if I win this.
  2. In a very deep (30 roster spots) bestball format dynasty league I had already lost Hunt but made it to the semi-final anyways. Well this week the fantasy gods struck my team with injuries to Keenan Allen, Aaron Jones, Tyler Boyd, Marcus Murphy, and Isaiah McKenzie.
  3. He'll also end up with an 8-6 record but holds the head-to-head This image shows the weekly breakdown. So in week 8 my team would have won against all teams except for 1 (The opponent I actually played), in week 9 it would have won against all but 2 teams (1 of them was the opponent that I actually played), and so on. P.S. Forgot to mention that I'm the highest scoring team in the league too.
  4. My team highlighted will surely miss the playoffs barring a miracle. The team started relatively slow with a couple of ugly showings in the first few weeks, but has been beaten 4 times by the highest scoring team in the week (Could be 5 times by the end of tonight). Week 1: 7-2 (L) Week 8: 8-1 (L) Week 9: 7-2 (L) Week 11: 8-1 (L) I have 2 other losses and will probably end up being 8-6 but will miss out based on winning percentage to "Team 10"!!!! P.S. If Chris Carson scores over 20.32 points tonight then Week 14 will read as 8-1 (L) too. Only way I make it to the playoffs is by Carson not scoring over 20.32pts (That's the easy one) + Diggs & Vikings D/ST scoring less than 5.6pts. Most frustrating fantasy team/season I've ever managed.
  5. I play in a league on When it became clear that Bell was not showing up for week 1 I picked my Samuels who had a TE designation at the time. Within a few days changed Samuels designation from TE to RB. Different platforms apply different rules.
  6. Standard 10 team Best pick - Zeke at 3 overall (Dodged the DJ bullet) Worst pick - Amari Cooper at 38 overall Best WW addition - Chubb minutes after Hyde was traded Worst drop decision - N/A Best trade - AJG (When initial news broke about his first toe issue) + K. Johnson (Before he was injured) for Nuk Worst trade - N/A
  7. We're all starting Zeke this week, but anyone here concerned about him running into that NO defensive wall? My hope is that they'll feature him more in the passing game if the game goes out of hand.
  8. This guy is good and much tougher than he looks. He had a run early in the game where he destroyed Emerson Griffin.
  9. Standard scoring. I have a 12.86 points advantage. He has Woods and I have Zuerlein. It'll come down to the wire. A loss and I'm eliminated.
  10. MVS. If I knew for sure that AJG was starting, I'd take Boyd, but you can't take that chance.
  11. Standard scoring pick 2 AP vs HOU Lamar Miller @ WAS Mack vs TEN
  12. 2nd week in a row that I'll probably lose (Need Zeke to score 23 points in standard) with the 2nd highest score in the league and my playoff hopes are going to be left in tatters at 3-6 Last week I played against Tubisky/Mixon/Kamara/Conner/White/Evans/Kelce This week I played against Goff/CMC/Howard/Cooks/Vikings DST and effin Stafford who isn't on my opponents team but gifted the Vikings DST 18 points To be fair, I have to take blame for sitting Ryan for Wilson and JG for Golladay this week too.
  13. I need 24.75 points from Zeke in standard. Going to be tough against a really good Tennessee run defense.
  14. In an epic standard scoring matchup where both teams will score >150, I need Gordon to score more than White + 6.08 points. In a week I really needed a W I played against Trubisky + Conner + Mixon + Kamara + Evans + Kelce, so having my team still hanging in there is a miracle in itself. Will count for nothing though if I get that L
  15. I'd do it, but who would you start as QB this week? Ryan is on a Bye.
  16. Standard scoring Need 4 RBs from the following please Aaron Jones @LAR Adrian Peterson @NYG Kenyan Drake @HOU Kerryon Johnson vs SEA Lamar Miller vs MIA Marlon Mack @OAK Nick Chubb @PIT Thanks
  17. League 1: Matt Ryan to score over 4.46 League 2: Matt Ryan to score less than 19.2 I need the W in League 1 more than League 2
  18. In one league I need Mahomes to score less than 35.45pts. In another league with all kinds of scoring rules I need Hunt + Freeman + Lindsay to score over 102.4pts. Given how pts are awarded in this league it's not impossible but still a real stretch.