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  1. Trade made my pBev, tRoss, & Galo for dFox, mMonk, bIngram
  2. lol i can't man.. costco kobe?! how you gonna do him like that?
  3. from sucking so hard this season.. every chance he gets to not play...
  4. PREACH! he's too good to drop, but playing too shxt to use as you said.. it hurts.. just gotta sip on my pina colada and chill.. wait for his return..
  5. when he plays hes a shell of himself.. if he needed/needs more time from the concussion i'd of preferred he stayed in bed to get better.. & his playoff sched, just has me trying to ship him out..
  6. drop courtney with tim hardaway due back or drop ish smith.. as steph is coming back.. & no i dont think you should do the trade.. but its your call at the end of the day.
  7. Vuc is on waiver wire should i pick him up? do i drop nurk? or bell?