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  1. I liked him enough to pick him up in my 14 teamer. Also helps that he gives out of position stats at pf/c on Yahoo. Efficiency has been great recently too.
  2. Bam Adebayos got huge upside for builds punting ft%. Double double threat +2 stocks if whiteside sits
  3. Standard 9 cat league H2H. Which side wins this one?
  4. Must draft next year. I swear I saw a yahoo blurb saying he's been top 20 since Dec 1st? Not sure if that's accurate but those stocks and efficiency help any team
  5. Give this guy a few years and he'll be racking up the offensive stats. Defensive stats are already elite
  6. I can see why you'd say AD given the length, build and athleticism, but imo, AD has the skill and opportunity to be a ball handler whereas Allen is relegated to PnR duty. If they develop Allen , let him work on his jumper and develop him to work around the top of the paint, he'd be an absolute beast. Be that as it may, he could be very Gobert/ Capela like or WCS 2.0 which isn't shabby either.
  7. this man has put up 13 steals in the last 3 games? I'll take that. Good line aside from the poor shooting today.
  8. I see Rodney going up in value. When you think about it, Korver and JR are 3 pt specialists whereas Rodney has a decent midrange, attack game and the 3 pt shot. As of right now, how many guys on that cavs team can create their shot besides lebron? I agree that there is wing depth, but the truth is that Hood is a very different player than JR and Korver. So maybe he'll take a hit if it's a matchup situation, but on a team that desperately needs a shot creator, he provides much more offensive versatility compared to the other wings.
  9. 27/6/6/3/1 awesome to see him increase production across the board with Wall out. Facilitating very well out there and not forcing too much
  10. Some talk about Rodney hood for stanley Johnson swap according to Yahoo. Could be good for Hood moving forward as the pistons are depleted of wing scorers.
  11. Honestly, clippers need to consider this, provided cavs are willing to part with their pick. Clippers aren't going anywhere anytime soon, and they can get that IT , Avery Bradley backcourt back together where Bradley covers the primary backcourt scorer on the other team while IT hides. Clippers also give themselves a chance at a complete rebuild with good picks if they decide to drop IT during the offseason