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  1. I didnt. 8 seed vs 1 seed upset. I lost by 2 rebounds. I didnt matter though. My team went from unstoppable to the wheels completely falling off. My team was a giant dumpster fire by the end. Ibaka was just the icing on the cake
  2. I traded Covington for Oladipo as the centerpiece of the trade. We both figured they have similar ROS value. Everyone thought we were nuts. We were right
  3. Anyone know if he is out for both games of the back to back. I added him to stream him for the back to back. Dont know if i should add someone else for tomorrow
  4. That seems like a remarkable leap. Ive never heard anyone say "get on your knees" with anyone referencing anything to do with slavery..... ever. Im having a hard time buying that that is even a saying
  5. I cant even see how "get on your knees like youre used to" can be considered racist. What does sucking D have to do with race?
  6. Fan heckles player with normal banter. Now we are in here debating politics. What a world we live in
  7. My biggest worry this week is turnovers, so im scared to add anyone. Rebound and steals could be close. Any suggestions of possible players?
  8. This puts everyone in a bind.... myself included. I think i can win without him, but i dont know. If drop, he'll go to the favorite in the league, as he'll smash his first round and he has the number 1 waiver spot
  9. I had the same thought. I chuckled when russ said that he thought the comments were racist. Everyone can see it has nothing to do with race but he thew it out there just to hear himeself talk..... now people are repeating it
  10. Looks like towns has no long term injury. He should be back in 2-4 weeks J/k 😆
  11. I have in in my IL spot and cant play him tonight even if he plays
  12. Does he have a timetable or is he in the g league for the rest of the year?
  13. Do you guys still like powell? Last game was garbage
  14. Double doubles are a catagory in my league. He barely missed a double double in 2 catagories. 2 attempts and he misses then both! Drop city!