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  1. Last year wasnt great either. Cousins and Porzingis went down.
  2. Kanter for standard leagues and Collins for deep/dynasty?
  3. If matchup is close, I'd do it (I dropped him after his big game in order to stream a DEN player). You are likely to salvage assists and steals from waiver next week if he gets claimed by another team.
  4. man I cant believe I got this guy for Fournier and a 2nd round pick in a dynasty (This was when JV was hurt and Fournier went on that nice run in Jan). So happy!
  5. Loving his production this week but..... Where are the blocks LOL! He hasn't gotten 1 in the past 3 games. Need them desperately.
  6. Is he worth holding for dynasty leagues? He should be right? Low risk & high reward? I am hoping he gets that IR so I can banish him there until season is over.
  7. Dropping cuz he has a doubtful tag instead of a questionable tag. I hope Boylen doesn't pull another Lavine situation. I'd be so mad if Otto ended up playing tomorrow.
  8. is he worth streaming this week? Many starters will rest for sure. He should play all 5 games right? Looking for stocks and maybe rebounds.
  9. He is out today. Fk this guy zzzzzzzz. I already have Embiid who only has 2 games this week so I am tempted to drop him in order to stream.
  10. same boat. Going into semis and I think this might just seal my team's fate this season. Going up against a team which is crazy stacked and has upper hand in games played. I might just tank and lurk the waiver for any valuable drop. Gonna aim for that 3rd place finish zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
  11. FFS Yahoo, we need that INJ tag already! zzzzzzzzzzzzz