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  1. Just brutal - 5 yards short from Hopkins for the win and my playoff ticket being punched. Just a punch to the gut.
  2. Who do you think I roll with today? Cincy va rookie QB? Or pick up Tampa against Giants? Only 6 D available on the waiver wire this week, slim pickings. I have Rams for ROS, and cowboys for next week.
  3. I like this trade for you, and think its a fair deal. Golladay hopefully resumes being the stud he's been all season and eats up Tate's targets.
  4. Conner won't be phased out, but they will likely be using Bell in some sort of role. I would say stick with what you have like the others.
  5. I think DJ as well, I think he may be getting more volume and has a favorable schedule coming up.
  6. Mayfield has the matchup, but he hasn't looked impressive. I'm also not trusting Ben against the Ravens D. Or do I drop Mayfield and try to pick up Fitz to start this week?
  7. Honestly its a complete toss up between Sanders and Boyd the rest of the season, but I lean towards Boyd. Just a better offense so more opportunity.
  8. Side A - with Rodgers. But without looking at your team hard to say if you have the bigger need at WR or RB....
  9. Looking at the WR you would be swapping, they have comparable stats. I think Thomas does outscore Juju ROS but it will still be close. I do like Michel quite a bit more than Collins. It's an elite offense and he'll get the goal line carries. I don't think the trade dramatically improves your team but I think you win the trade slightly.
  10. I would grab Landry for sure, big upgrade for your WR.
  11. Yeah I think you do this deal. Howard is looking hit or miss, and you need to retool.
  12. They're having very similar years: Thomas: 28/330/3 Crabtree: 30/343/2 You get a TE you desperately need? I would do it.
  13. Definite no. Kelce will be better ROS than Gronk, and Hopkins and AB are close enough for me to say stick with what you've got.
  14. So my window is closing at 2-4 and RB has been killing me all yr. My team: RB: Fournette/Drake/Lindsay/Kerryon WR: Hopkins/Golladay/Edelman/Davis I'm tempted but leaning against this. Trading Hopkins blows a huge hole in my WR core and Fuller is dependent on the deep ball...which they have no time for in Houston these days. Plus Fournette is coming back in the next few weeks.....hopefully! Any thoughts?
  15. I would do this. Big upgrade at TE. You can always find a serviceable WR3 if need be.