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  1. Why is everyone so surprised that there is nothing new. He has turf toe, expect for him to be out multiple additional weeks, he may not be right for the rest of the season.
  2. Probably 50/50. If he does what he did the first couple of games he'll probably get sightly more. But never have to carry the full load.
  3. I have on offer on the tablet to trade Jacobs, and get OBJ. I think better days ahead for Beckham but I don't think I'm going to pull the trigger.
  4. While its due to bye weeks I'm starting him against the Giants with confidence. Rainy and windy in Foxborough, seems like the game script will favor the Pats running all over the Giants as much as they can. Always risk with NE rb'sm but I'm hoping for 80-100 total yards and a TD.
  5. Thanks for your help. I can't see your sig here either, but that sounds like a good deal if you need starters at both positions.
  6. You're right not to include Kupp, guy is a stud. I might do the Adams for MGIII deal if he were to accept it. Turf toe is a problem for the rest of the season. He may not want to take that risk. Otherwise I'm thinking there will be a share with Ekeler for MGIII and I don't know how much better than Carson he'll be ROS. I might stay put.
  7. I wouldn't make this deal. Sounds like Barkley is closer to returning than we might have thought and it let;'s you keep 2 stud WR in Golladay and Evans.
  8. I think this trade is final. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like there is clarity around the rule but opportunity to set the precedent.
  9. I'll agree with option 1. Singletary has a lot of potential for the 2nd half of the season and turf toe is a serious problem for a WR.
  10. Evans will get his, but Godwin is consistent and you might get more in a trade for Evans
  11. I stick with Julio, but I don't know who your other WR are. Fuller is inconsistent, and has a injury history. So if he doesn't perform where does just Edelman leave your WR's?
  12. Yes, Kerryon can help carry the load and OBJ should bounce back.
  13. I wouldn't. Fuller is not consistent and has an injury history. Kelce is rock solid.
  14. I stay with what you have now. CMC has been amazing, but I don't love Mixon for ros.