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  1. i ve just traded rhj for D. Collisson.. what do you think guys?
  2. What about J. Okafor? rumours say that he could be traded tonight.. He could easily achieve sth like double double + 1 block
  3. every year, he plays 2-3 good games, i pick him up and then, he is just like "who am i, what i m doing with this orange thing in my hands, let's get rid of it as quickly as possible?".. it's not him.. it's me.. drop city baabee
  4. I didnt manage to put him on the starters today and he' is having a great game. he's 5/5 with 11 points.. 7 rebs, 1ast, 1stl and 1 block already in the first half. hopefully, as one guy said jsut above, when myles return, he will get more meaningfull minutes..
  5. My greetings from Greece.. I ve just dropped Z-Bo to get Domantas. Hope that he would some games before turner returns