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  1. Sarcasm ? No, not at all... I'm just saying.
  2. I must say I'm not impressed with Pascal's stats when Kawhi's off the court... but will still target heavily 3rd-4th round. Kawhi OFF Kawhi ON
  3. Yep late 2nd early 3rd round all day for me
  4. People: What round are you looking to draft Zion ? Me: Yes aahahahha
  5. Look I've three-peated in my money league by drafting smart & safe & boring year after year... NOW even if it means I won't win 4 str8 I HAVE TO OWN ZION. I'm all in late 2nd - early 3rd round ! Cheers ! 🍹
  6. Zion will not make the top-100 (9-cat) How ? aaaaaahhaahah His FG% and stocks alone are enough to make him a TOP 100 player !
  7. Yeah I would. 1) KD 2) KAT 3) Gianni 4) Harden 5) Steph Let me remind you that Gianni was (per basketball monster) 8th ranked player this season (9 cat).... with all guys above ahead of him. Soooooo do your math.
  8. Real happy with my team and I must say really lucky... traded Oladipo and Tobias for Curry... But lost Almighty Lord Covington ( what goes around comes around ) EDIT: 12 TEAM H2H 10 CAT
  9. ENTER Richaun Holmes ( l o a d i n g ) . . .