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  1. is there still an available spot? I would love to join
  2. Jonathon Isaac 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Is this guy better than prince offensively? haven't watched his game so I would appreciate any help to this question since prince is struggling and I am tempted to drop him..
  3. John Wall 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    well this news further f**k me up since I have gobert conley on my IR and a millsap in my roster as well....
  4. Waiver Wire Touts - Week 6

    as a JV owner I am more desperate to do so…
  5. thanks for the reply on my post! for any 2 for 1 trade it also depends on who u can get from the ww~ but I will go for this trade since rubio situation is a bit tricky… I watched a few jazz matches and doonovan Mitchell has more usage when they are both on the court, leaving rubio as a 3 pt shooter lol
  6. warren is currently on a hot streak now and its also depends on what players are left in your ww
  7. I like this trade very much as butler doesnt look like he could find his chicago production in wolves... lillard is also on a slump recently so it looks like you could bait him with this offer! Cousins also has the chance to become the number 1 player this season so lets goo!
  8. Wiggins or Avery?

    I like avery as well due to his capability in providing defensive stats... generally he wont harm your team
  9. Henson for Payton

    As what the topic suggests. I am in a 12 team points league. Is it a good trade to buy low on payton? or should I keep Henson for his upside? Share your thoughts and I will get to your post as well!:)
  10. Paul Millsap 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Another owner that was hit by injuries here as well... got conley rudy on my IR lists already
  11. Freak Trade!!! WHIR 100%

    I will not trade as well because o quinn equals to almost zero value when noah return....
  12. Jrue holiday for bledsoe whir

    I love blesoe production more since he is pretty well-rounded.. it depends on your build and need as well please help!
  13. Conley for Tatum? WHIR

    conley is deinitely a better player than tatum.. his current form wont be last for the season so I would 100% do the trade please help with mine!
  14. which side do you guys think is better in a points league? leave your question as well and I will reply to them!