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  1. got the dynamic duo as well but couldn't get aboard the train of JJJ... spent my 5th on mitch rob
  2. was up 7-2 before today and I had 4 less matches. It went down to a close 5-4 and the result would be decided by the lakers match. I had bagley and the opponenet had mcgee, LBJ and kuzma. I ended up losing 4-5 due to FT% which Lebron decided to hit all of the last 4 FTs and bagley went 3-8 on the charity line.... got upset as a first seed since I lost ariza mirotic and porter at the beginning of the week... Thought I could win easily so I hold on to them (2 IRs league)... Opponent also had Ross conley and added mudiay for the last day streamer... Well, this is fantasy I guess... Same B*tch as life **** it
  3. Love Ariza Porter Mirotic... I am done boyssssss
  4. I traded him and allen for gasol in November....🤕
  5. I am kind of tempted to drop him for bam since I have a 3Cs limit in my league. But yeah I will hold for some more time now and hope he can outplay ibaka soon again
  6. Any suggestion on how to deal with him now? Too good to drop and too bad to have trade value?
  7. feels like turner blk is more valuable than what doncic can offer you. Stay put!
  8. JV will be available already so I would drop Rabb after tonight's game. But mit rob is also very droppable atm
  9. Wondering if I should do it since I have got miro and brolo already… 12 team 9 cat punt ast team
  10. Thanks thats gonna make me think for a longer period of time for whether to press the accept button of a trade for bledsoe
  11. Just wonder if it is a punt ast team does that mean a negative value for bledsoe ?
  12. Anyone can tell me what should be the feeling as a miro brolo and bledsoe owner?
  13. Damn now I have got 3 bucks players after the miro trade.... maybe I will just consider the trade of bledsoe for tatum in order to avoid too stacked bucks players... I dont like the trade though