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  1. was up 7-2 before today and I had 4 less matches. It went down to a close 5-4 and the result would be decided by the lakers match. I had bagley and the opponenet had mcgee, LBJ and kuzma. I ended up losing 4-5 due to FT% which Lebron decided to hit all of the last 4 FTs and bagley went 3-8 on the charity line.... got upset as a first seed since I lost ariza mirotic and porter at the beginning of the week... Thought I could win easily so I hold on to them (2 IRs league)... Opponent also had Ross conley and added mudiay for the last day streamer... Well, this is fantasy I guess... Same B*tch as life **** it
  2. Love Ariza Porter Mirotic... I am done boyssssss
  3. I traded him and allen for gasol in November....🤕
  4. I am kind of tempted to drop him for bam since I have a 3Cs limit in my league. But yeah I will hold for some more time now and hope he can outplay ibaka soon again
  5. Any suggestion on how to deal with him now? Too good to drop and too bad to have trade value?
  6. feels like turner blk is more valuable than what doncic can offer you. Stay put!
  7. JV will be available already so I would drop Rabb after tonight's game. But mit rob is also very droppable atm
  8. Wondering if I should do it since I have got miro and brolo already… 12 team 9 cat punt ast team
  9. Thanks thats gonna make me think for a longer period of time for whether to press the accept button of a trade for bledsoe
  10. Just wonder if it is a punt ast team does that mean a negative value for bledsoe ?
  11. Anyone can tell me what should be the feeling as a miro brolo and bledsoe owner?
  12. Damn now I have got 3 bucks players after the miro trade.... maybe I will just consider the trade of bledsoe for tatum in order to avoid too stacked bucks players... I dont like the trade though
  13. He got dropped by a impatient owner due to his unstable playing time during the trade rumours and yeah most of my league members are new to fantasy
  14. used my well-saved 2nd waiver on him and I got it!!!! Would like to see him and Otto giving those elite steal numbers to me
  15. the 36 mins playtime for a blowout game tho.... let him rest his knee a bit please TOM
  16. Got the same question to ask since I didnt watch these 2 teams much...
  17. damn I am not expecting he is right into a 30mins game after coming back from the injury.... I maxed this week acquisition and he was scooped right after today's game(I streamed the spot by picking up SGA after the 16mins first game)
  18. really loving his game so far and he is my 12th pick but I am getting off the train now by packaging him and allen for m.gasol.. not sure if its a good move but somehow I am a bit worried with his touches after bogdan^2 return and that over 50% fg% is sustainable of not This should be his breakout year though so enjoy the ride guys!
  19. haha I think my team is still strong punting assist as shown in my signature. Back to gasol, since I am a first time owner, is it possible to expect him a 1/2/1 line with 16pts 10rebs and strong FT%?
  20. my trade just got accepted with my hield and allen for him.. I guess he shd be fine with my punt fg%&ast team?
  21. wanna grab him but my league has a 3 Centers limit which I already got kat allen and brolo...
  22. luckily I still managed to get the W for the last 2 weeks. I may just gonna stay with it until more info is coming from the cavs... just wanted to add larry nance asap now I really need the damn O tag.. p.s I think thts a good deal for love tbh I would rather sacrfice the potential from love for the safe stats of tobias