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  1. This is actually accurate.. makes me sad he went in the mid rounds
  2. Im watching the current game and I think Turner just does not know how to position himself to get a rebound. He is not good at predicting where the ball will go and getting to that point. Seems as though the Pacers do a lot of switching on defense as well which leads to Turner chasing people on the 3 point line which leads to him being very far away from rebound opportunities.
  3. Good trade. Jokic is going to be a monster without Millsap. Was already top 10, maybe top 5 now.
  4. Would love to here more about this trade lol. Jokic for Turner package. Wow
  5. If someone offers you Myles Turner for Tyreke Evans, you take it. You may also be sent to prison for robbery.
  6. Myles Turner in his 6 games since injury has had 4 games in which he had 3 blocks, thats without being 100% (he said so himself). Dude will be top 25 once he gets up to speed w/ new teammates & puts concussion behind him. If you can still buy low do it. If you have him, the best is yet to come.
  7. In one league I have Ibaka, Valanciunas, Markieff Morris. Can only start 1. Which one seems best tonight? I am leaning towards JVal as of now.
  8. Now that Jimmy Butler has had a couple of good games, is it possible to get a fair trade / sell high? He is on my team and I am looking to trade him. What might I be able to get in return / expectations for a trade?