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  1. Wetnz " Im gona keep this one, need 19 fantasy points to get the win"
  2. Good Lord Wentz must play fantasy football and start himself
  3. Well Wentz has me -1 point right now.. WTF I guess I should have started Cam newton lol
  4. Good question. They both state the absolute obvious... Ill go with Collinsworth
  5. Dont worry guys, The falcons always play their absolute worst when they have a lead (falcons fan here, seen it a million times).
  6. EDIT, you meant Wentz, thought you were referring to Ryan
  7. Good lord the NFL may want to investigate to see if the PHI players are all in on a big bet to fake injuries and lose the game (kidding).. but this is crazy
  8. what in the world everyone that touches the ball for PHI is going in the tent
  9. Anyone else you can drop?.. I think hardman going to be huge the next few weeks
  10. Who you got? 1 pt ppr. Currently I have waller in line up, i think hes safer till i see how the backfield shakes out
  11. Welcome back DJ, whew i almost had a heart attack... like a fool i dropped chase edmonds this week, I will be geting him back ASAP
  12. true, he is catching balls on the sideline now. crossing fingers
  13. David Johnson back on sidelines in uniform, good sign
  14. I am considering droping Cam and taking a flyer on the WW... Thoughts? I got Wentz in a trade recently so feeling good there.. Considering to go ahead and drop him to grab a guy like McLaurin to see how they perform this week.. I just dont think Cam gona do anything this year.. THoughts??
  15. I am so confused in this thread, people act like Shady cant catch in here and that Damien has the best hands in football.... Almost every other posts say something along the lines of "shady will get the carries, damien will get the passes".. Could this happen, maybe, who knows what will shake out. Shady averaged nearly 48 receptions per year and that includes the garbage from last year , and thats with an average of 240 CARRIES per year also.. Im not a shady truther , I think the fresh legs will get the ball and early a 50 50 split is what we will see for quite a while.. On KC offence, all you need is a 50 50 split to be a solid guy in fantasy, not gona be a league winner on that split but will have a solid rb2 every week