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  1. Didnt see him wincing or touching ribs post sprint i meant.
  2. He looked ok in pregame warm ups, didnt seem to favor his ribs or anything in the sprints...
  3. Completely understand. The way I see it, Chicago D is good. SF probably going to have to check down alot today. Kittle will have his opportunities.
  4. Would love to see him HEAVILY involved in passing game . Over the last couple weeks they have been torched in the air against RB 11- 112- 1 TD against CAR 14- 144 against SF 5- 30 - 1 TD against MIN 6- 50 against SF ... And I will take mahomes/williams over any of the combos above... Im sure Reid has seen these stats as well.. Looking forward to some dump passes
  5. Yea, but I think CIN knows they got to get Mixon in the game plan to stay in the game.. The coaching staff (finally) began to rely more heavily on Mixon to carry the load. “We said two or three weeks ago, ‘We’ve got to continue riding on Joe’s shoulders.’ Joe, Gio (HB Giovani Bernard) and Tyler (WR Tyler Boyd) — those guys are making plays for us, and we’ve got to keep riding on their shoulders,” head coach Marvin Lewis said this week. The more Cincinnati features Mixon, the more it pays off. Over the last two weeks, the second-year running back was called for a career-high 26 attempts against the Chargers and 27 last week against Oakland. Cincinnati nearly pulled off an upset against Los Angeles and handled the Raiders with relative ease. Prior to Los Angeles, Mixon’s career-high was 23 carries against Cleveland last year. Of his 26 career games in the NFL, he’s rushed 20 times or more on seven occasions — the Bengals are 6-1 during those games. Mixon now leads the AFC with 207 carries (NOTE: The Bengals are 10-2 when Mixon rushes 15 times or more).
  6. Not really, the same was thought against LAC a few weeks back and he had one of his best games of the year.; however, benching him for D Williams is definitely tempting.
  7. Although the falcons arent going to make the playoffs, they are still competitors trying to win ball games. Anyone who has followed Julios career knows he isnt the type of person to sit out now. He has personal goals and records he is after also. I am 100% confident he will be out there giving it his all. I am concerned; however, that his injury may limit his ability or snaps though. Things to Consider 1. Carolina has a great rush defense (currently rank 7) and the Falcons rush offense and offensive line sucks 2. Carolina has a weak secondary (currently ranked 20th) 3. ATL is on the road , I expect them to need to lean on Julio today 4. Cam Newton is out, Carolina going to try and run the ball and control the clock. Very unlikely this is a shootout When Julio is active, he is a must start. I guarantee you last week if he game wasnt a blow out, julio would have played all 4 quarters.
  8. 10 team standard Mahomes Mixon Chubb Julio Allen Kittle LAC D M. Badgley Bench- Jeffery, Wilson, Rivers, Anderson, Brate, IR- Conner (had Bell also)
  9. Julio is a beast, Unless he physically cant continue he will be out there giving Carolina hell. ATL considers Carolina one of their rivals and although the season is over, I expect ATL to go in there planning to kick some a**.
  10. If its 1/2 or full ppr u got to roll D will..
  11. No. Kittle has earned himself a special spot right beside Ertz and Kelce this season. Regardless of the Defense, if he is healthy, he is in your line up. His biggest game this year was against Denver and their defense aint to bad either.
  12. I’m rolling the studs if they play . allen Williams and juju
  13. I’m going LLindsay . Game flow should stay in his favor .
  14. Allen for me. I think this is the week Jackson gets shut down hard and forced to use his arm ( which won’t turn out well)