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  1. Mike Davis 2018 Outlook

    Carson Inactive today.. I always feel dirty when I start a Seahawk ,.. Last time Carson went out I started Penny in Flex (before mike davis made his big appearance) and got goosegged while Davis ate it up... Starting Davis in flex this time, Seahawks owe me one cmon!
  2. 1 pt ppr. Gona take a miracle to win my matchup MVS or Mike Davis?
  3. zeke is out of my lineup

    I think you come out with a better line up making this trade.. you already are stacked at RB, having adams and the potential of AJ green for playoffs is crazy. not sure really how the heck you managed to get all that talent in your line up , Zeke Mixon mccaffrey conner bell and fournette??? wow
  4. Gronk for Watson/Brown

    I would definately take this trade,, both those guys are on your bench anyways
  5. Elijah McGuire 2018 Outlook

    I just droped Chris Thompson in standard league for Mcquire... My RB situation is preety good ( Mixon Conner Chubb Bell) So dont see myself ever starting Thompson, McGuire is definitely worth the stash..
  6. Chris Thompson 2018 Outlook

    Just droped him in a ppr league for Doyle
  7. Chris Thompson 2018 Outlook

    I am attempting to drop Thompson for AJ this week on waivers (not ppr).. In PPR I am holding Thompson hoping he comes around..
  8. Rob Gronkowski 2018 Outlook

    Targets were there last night, just didnt happen.. I managed to trade him . Gronk and Cooks for Julio and Rudolph... ( I have george Kittle so Rudolph is more of a bye week filler)
  9. Gurley!???!?!!!

    Gurley took a knee basically at the 2 yard line so that his team could run the clock (instead of scoring a TD and allowing the possibility of green bay geting the ball back and having a miracle play). In retrospect, he could have scored it wouldnt have mattered.. still wouldnt have been enough time on the clock for Green bay to get a touchdown and a field goal
  10. Doug Baldwin 2018 Outlook

    really irritated as well that I held him this long.. Many weeks i was close to droping. wish i did now! oh well
  11. David Njoku 2018 Outlook

    I wasnt able to watch the game. was he out there or what?
  12. Not looking good for Jeffery so far
  13. Nick Chubb 2018 Outlook

    Say what you want but Chubb is in a great situation... the defense is playing well enough to keep them in ball matter who they have played this year they have kept it dang close.. offense is intent on setting up the run game early ... offense also utilized RB heavy in red zone and even more at goal line.. Hard to see a situation where Chubb doesn’t get 15 carries minimum with a huge upside due to goal line work
  14. Alshon Jeffery 2018 Outlook

    I think Jeffery has a good game ... no doubt he is shadowed by Ramsey but Wentz can get him the ball. Eagles will need to pass and I can see Jeffery lining up all over the field as Wentz first check down.. lots of crossing routes to try and create space where the defense has to pick Ertz or Jeffery .. 10 targets minimum .. Ramsey is a great player but between the target share and the red zone targets I see Jeffery’s floor well worth starting as a Strong WR 2
  15. 10 man standard (2 pt per 5 recep) qb- Mahomes rivers wilson RB- mixon Chubb Conner bell thompson we- Julio Jeffery Allen Baldwin Fuller te - Kittle Rudolph was just offered Conner/ Jeffery for Tyreek Hill / Michelle Really want Reek but I think I am giving to much here ,