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  1. Any word if he's playing tonight? its been very quiet
  2. Friend of mine from work (from Miami), went to ASU, played for AZ minors for 4 years, grew up playing with Jon Jay CLAIMS Manny told him to sign with The Chicago White Sox so they can play together. I know it is a "friend of a friend" story but I think it holds some merit
  3. I like Lindsey and Hamilton (Robby a close 2nd)
  4. DWILL; i can see the game total being very high.
  5. Wait on Juju news; I am assuming he plays in a likely shootout.
  6. Cousins Cook (featured in Minn O in 1st game with new O Coordinator) Robby (GB D is bad) TE is a toss up, Im leaning Gronk Thanks for mine!
  7. Pick 2: Woods vs AZ Keenan vs Balt Hilton vs Hous
  8. I would leave your line up as it currently is. DJ Moore has a rookie QB this week, don't know what to expect.
  9. Alen vs NE (BB) scares me. I would roll with Mitch. Could be a very high scoring game.
  10. I think a nice risk - reward is Ballage over White. Too many cooks in the NE backfield:
  11. I could see Pats getting an early lead and leaning on the run. Start Michel with confidence.
  12. Yes, Tenn is starting to see the value in Henery. I think they keep riding him. he had 30 carriers last week!