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  1. David Dahl 2018 Outlook

    Guy will win leagues if healthy.
  2. Amed Rosario 2018 Outlook

    He won't be in the bigs much this year. Keeper/dynasty the guys almost must own.
  3. Fangraphs: Exploiting Middle Infield Bias

    You have a better chance getting a MI that comes out of nowhere. Draft OF and early.
  4. 2018 Bold Predictions

    Odor hits 45 HRs Machado hits 50 Gallo hits 60 Greg Bird leads the AL in RBI Yankees team SB total<20
  5. 2018 Bold Predictions

    Dude, it's BOLD predictions.
  6. 2018 Bold Predictions

    That's why it's BOLD
  7. 2018 Bold Predictions

    Clint Frazier goes for .270 80 25 90
  8. 2018 Bold Predictions

    Bellinger stays healthy all years hits less than 20 HRs
  9. 2018 Breakouts and Busts

    This obviously depends his health and him staying with GB. In the 5 games he and Rodgers played together he averaged: 7.6 targets/ 5 rec/ 58yards/1TD. That's 80 rec/ 928 yds/ 16TDs over 16gms. Would probably be more like 1100yds 12TDs Experienced owners don't look at end of year stats to value players. Can I join YOUR league?
  10. 2018 Contract Year Players

    I hope no one in my league sees this forum. Nice work.
  11. 2018 Breakouts and Busts

    Winston will be a nice value next year (especially if they improve O-line). Had his best year based on averages despite injuries and having a horrible D/O-line/ run game. He's got weapons (Howard and Godwin making 2nd year improvements). People don't like him and don't want to root for him. He may be a clown but he's a gamer and would love to prove haters wrong.
  12. 2018 Breakouts and Busts

    They've had no idea how to use him his entire career. Not enough plays designed specifically for him. Need to get him the ball quicker and let him make plays.
  13. 2018 Breakouts and Busts

    This would make him IMMENSELY over-valued IMO. Bust of the year candidate, especially in the Northeast.
  14. 2018 Breakouts and Busts

    I'll give you Carr, Cooper and Robinson. Experienced leagues won't let proven stars (Evans, Jordy, Freeman, AJ) slip. They will also recognize the arrow pointing WAY UP for upside players (Mixon, Jimmy G, Drake). I like Carr and Cooper a lot more if Gruden ends up there.
  15. Mike Gillislee 2017 Outlook