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  1. Dude needs to make contact when there's a runner on 3rd with less than two outs a priority. Could've had 50 more RBI last year. Yankees lost at least 5 games because of his failure at this. 10 losses as a team due to the Ks of everyone else.
  2. Is the Hall of Fame BEST players EVER or good players of every generation. IF SO..... Lead the league in ONE category...ONE year. Slugging. This guy was average at best. Embarrassing. If this guy had any integrity he would've denied acceptance and been the first member of the REAL MAN HOF.
  3. He could have had 150 RBI if he made contract when there were men on third with less than two outs. His numbers were mostly pile on. He's hit HRs drive in runs when the Yankees were already up big. Looking at season totals doesn't tell the story. You have to see/listen to the games. I would want them to just get rid of him without getting Harper. Harper's a baseball player. Loves the Yankees. Stanton's a socialite who only wants to play in cities with a night life.
  4. Alright! Another RH bat in the lineup. Seally hope this is a sign they are going to move Stanton and sign Harper.
  5. They better not trade this kid. Especially to make room for Machado.
  6. I'd be surprised if he is on roster that made the playoff but, if so, who has the sand to start him next week? Seems like a fools errand to me.
  7. Thanks for validating my faith in you just in time for my first week of no games due to missing the playoffs because of your season long ineptness.