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  1. He played MIA and AZ with no Peterson. He's a sell high. He may be good....but he's not this good and will come down to earth sooner than later.
  2. My WRs- OBJ, McLaurin, D Parker, Cambell, Coutee, Tyreek My TEs- Henry, Goedert...INJ Demarcus Robinson or Dissly the add here? If I miss Dissly V Davis, Everett, Eifert, Uzoma are what's left for TEs
  3. How do they get 24 points?............ This narrative always confuses me. Yes, players may be factored out in a lopsided game but many points need to be scored for that to happen. AKA good chance said player put up good numbers early in the game.
  4. Never said he couldn't or wouldn't. Just stated THE FACT that working on arm strength doesn't make one better at throwing deep. Working on deep throws makes you better. Deep throws ACTUALLY need more touch.
  5. Aj Brown, Conley, V. Davis is interesting if Reed retires like he should. Its $1o to add a player so reckless add/drops aren't the best technique PPR
  6. 14 teamer WR- OBJ, Zay Jones, McClaurin, Parker, Paris Cambell TE- Goedert Trade Marlon Mack and OBJ for Chubb, Godwin, OJ Howard
  7. About to score the second most points in my league! Guess who scored the most......................
  8. Don't get too excited. My opponent had him this week. Bench him until week 13 when I play him again.