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  1. He won’t get free run anywhere else so this has bad written all over it I was able to sell him high in all my leagues except my biggest money league smh
  2. Exactly He’s been getting some run Only thing I can see changing is if the coach wants the ball in his hands more
  3. He is much better at catch and shoot than I expected him to be. Dates back to last year as well so it may not be a fluke Just need him to embrace his role as a catch and shoot guy who can drive to the basket (even though he doesn’t finish) and rebound He should not be running the offense I’ll take the efficiency over the assists
  4. It’ll be interesting to see what kinda offense the new coach runs If they continue to let Randle/Morris dominate the ball I don’t see how any point guard on the team makes for a great pick up
  5. Rozier shooting efficiency since Graham has been inserted into the starting lineup has been way better than his overall numbers show A lot of his minutes are now coming w one of Devonte or Malik on the floor with Rozier nearly exclusively playing off the ball bc his decision making with the ball in his hands is still bad I think Borrego has figured out that he should never have the ball in his hands more than 5 seconds at a time I don't have super high hopes that these numbers will hold all season but his recent play/role is encouraging so much so that I’m no longer trying to move him as I was once before
  6. Harden really let Tucker and McLemore shoot more than him tonight Not sure he let’s that happen again lol but I’m definitely going to be looking for post game quotes to see if Mclemore recent strong play has earned him more minutes
  7. Jokic with six points, six rebounds and six assists God help him
  8. I'd probably trade Jokic if the right offer came along but the best offer I've gotten so far has been Booker
  9. Yeh that can be crippling It would explain why he came into the season built like the plumber that passed out on the episode of Martin I’m not in any rush to trade him at such a lower value but we’re 25% into the season and I’m definitely concerned he won’t meet expectations
  10. He said it after a post game interview when he was asked about what’s wrong w him two weeks ago I wish I had saved the tweet but I didn’t think nothing of it bc I figured he would snap out of it but now I’m starting to think back to that comment Could have something to do w his brother beating up that woman (pure speculation on my part)
  11. Just seeing the lines Mclemore and Rivers are putting up in his place makes his absence even more frustrating but also just as exciting