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  1. this guy coming in clutch in the semis
  2. dropped this guy to activate LeSKRRRRRT. did i dun goof?
  3. imagine you being a player and you know they are trying to short u 500k. that sounds frustrating as hell.
  4. nearly everything is down including his minutes. wink wink
  5. Hey guys, here is my current squad. 10 team points league.. G- Butler G- Oladipo F- Doncic F- Giannis C- Towns UTIL- Gobert Bench: Dunn, Porter JR, Bledsoe, JJR. I got offered Damian and Winslow for Gobert and Doncic. Lillard is averaging 28, Winslow at 15/ Gobert is at 25 and Doncic at 22.5. What would you guys do? WHIR!