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  1. wtf is going on? So this is the 2nd account made just to update you on Skal news... You are forming a little army here. And all this just for Skal...
  2. Ivica Zubac 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    I didnt watch the game but Kuzma played only 19 mins. This is not going to be a thing...
  3. this guy made an account just to answer your question! You should feel pretty special
  4. D'Angelo Russell 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Not just you. Great hands but terrible foot work.
  5. He is keeping me alive this season. If someone told me at the start of the season, that the only player i drafted who wont be missing a game and average 36.4 mins is Beal, i would call him insane...
  6. Josh Richardson 2017-2018 Outlook

    It seems like he is falling from early round to mid round value. If this is the case, it means a sell high window is closing. However it would be selling high only if you can get a top 35 player back, otherwise its just selling. The problem is that players who were available at waiver or last rounds of the draft, usually dont have that much appeal to sell high on them....
  7. how would you guys rank ROS Craig, Kornet and Haslem?
  8. Vent & Rant Thread 2017-2018

    you know Reddick is actually an existing human being, right?
  9. Thats what i would do. i 'd leave a LM note explaining the right use of veto, then pm the GMs who veto the trades and ask the reason why. If their reasoning is anything else than collusion (which probably isnt), i would personally explain my point of view on the matter. If they insist on their way of using veto then i would let them have their way (keep using veto as a sabotage), but inform them that they wont be joining the league next year. In case the get the message on way or another, pm the GMs who were vetoed and encourage them to do their trade transaction again.
  10. Trading for Lillard WHIR

    I own Rubio and i still dont understand why and how is he doing this every year late at the season. Rubio is set to have a strong finish but if you have 0 streaming spots i think this deal is good for you. Usually this time of the year new guys coming out of nowhere changing the balances in many leagues (usually young player getting some PT on bad teams). That means having a drop candidate at this point is important. Its close but i would rather get Lillard
  11. Drop who for elf? WHIR

    Use the waiver on Elf dropping Rondo is the correct move...
  12. Dunn or vanvleet?whir

    Dunn for me. Van fleet is great but Toronto's backcourt is as crowded as it can be. Dunn is clearly Chicago's future starting pg and he is been a beast while healthy
  13. Bullock or Augustin? WHIR!

    Magic ride with the hot hand in pg, meaning Mack for last night. Also Gordon and Vuch are coming back sooner rather than later, so them being 2 high usage guys making me worry about DJA consistency. Bullock is great for Rot but i think i would pick him over DJA even in H2H
  14. My Ben Sims 4 Warren, Barns, Fox WHIR

    Totally agree with this. Stay put.