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  1. I know it was a boarder line AC question, I was hoping for feedback from people who owned him this season. Cheers
  2. He was balling out when on the court, should i stash him for finals in 2 weeks? I got offered him in a trade for Fournier, Our playoffs are not for another 2 weeks and I am third looking like making the playoffs. Should I accept it?
  3. Most likely on the thread of the player they picked up instead
  4. Coach Jeff Hornacek said Burke could be in like for more minutes coming out of the break, and that certainly was the case the first game out, as Burke received 30 minutes off the bench Thursday night. Hornacek is trying to evaluate all three of his point guards in a lost season, so all should see plenty of time going forward, with Burke's strong outing putting him in contention for the starting role and the most minutes of the three.
  5. So happy I picked him up during the ASB while everyone was sleeping
  6. They're won by picking up those players who people drop
  7. Late bloomer haha i was scared by the slow start
  8. Is this the new norm with Booker back? Hope not......
  9. I just picked him after today's lock out. I had him earlier but had to drop to get extra games (close week) so happy to get him again!
  10. I have a high waiver, not sure if I should use it too. I don't know who to drop for him, Collins, Chriss orTeodosic.
  11. I was thinking the same thing! The only thing I could think of was that they were riding the hot hand and are playing back to back and he was saving him for tomorrows game.