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  1. So happy I picked him up during the ASB while everyone was sleeping
  2. I am in a 12 team 6 cat, no % and no turnovers. In my opinion yes, in 10 team I would roster Collins at the moment over Okafor, but Okafor could turn out amazing and that's just the way it goes sometimes
  3. Didn't get the trade done in time so goodbye Okafor and Hello Collins
  4. We are in a 12 team daily league and I grabbed Okafor straight away, but I can't believe Collins is still there. I think hes going to get snapped up anytime now but I have no spots to drop and am trying to do a 2 for 1 trade asap.
  5. I just picked up Okafor when the trade was announced but Collins is a FA in my league. Now I am thinking of dropping Okafor
  6. Who would you offer for him at the moment? What do you think is same value?
  7. Thank you very much for your feedback, I picked up Olynyk as a rotational player. He's doing better than Chandler haha. I will more than likely be dropping both soon then to free up an acquisition spot. We get 4 a week (try and pick up extra games when it seems close) Thanks again
  8. I am so close to dropping Wilson Chandler. My line up is ESPN 12 team pick 2 snake; McCollum Harden Chandler Porzingis Jordan Fournier Hardaway Jr Cauley-Stein Fox Olynyk Porter Jr Favours Brown Payton IR I need to drop someone when Payton comes back and Chandler looks like the guy, thoughts? Or someone else?
  9. Crabbe is streaky, if you had an IR you clouds have opened a spot with Lin in there
  10. In the long run Westbrook and Leonard, you need the claw to return soon. That's if you have a few good centers still