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  1. I am in first place right now in my league but I figure that is because I put in too many streamers early in the season. Trying to cut back now where I feel like I can, need to check match ups more. Top 4 in my league and games played 1st - 68 (339) 2nd - 62 (308) 3rd - 49.5 (276) 4th - 49 (266) I will probably start to fall a good 6-8 points if I start sitting people outside of my studs. But I am in this dilemma where I trust the majority of team so it's hard to sit people when I need to scale back.
  2. Sexy line. Contributed well in every stat. FT% was a little weak but that's just me nitpicking.
  3. Sorry it took me so long to reply, but I would take Turner and Fox for Wall. Turner is young and one of the best shot blockers in the NBA and I like Fox's potential.
  4. Wanted to boost my assists and defensive stats so made a trade for Draymond and it was just accepted. Give: Porter Jr and Mitchell Get: Draymond My pickup is probably looking like Jamal Murray or Jeremy Lamb who was just dropped. Team stats: 1st in Points, 3PM, FT% 3rd or T-3rd in REB, STL, BLk 4th in FG% T-7th in AST
  5. So mad. Forgot to set my lineup today and the early game had Lou and Porter. Missed out on 62 Points(21/36 FG, 12/14 FT, 8 3PT), 13 Boards, 13 Assists and 3 steals. FML
  6. Frustrating to own. 95% chance of elite blocks with about 20% chance to have a good all around game.
  7. When you wake up and check the fantasy stats from the late game and see this line, it's a beautiful thing. 42 points with 14/14 from the line and 4 treys is nice. Love Sweet Lou.
  8. When you only have two players going and they both go off. KAT and Taj - 48 Points and 26 boards combined.
  9. This dude literally has no idea how to shoot a basketball. Don't know if the rest of his game is even worth keeping him rostered if he murders my FG% like this.
  10. Half my team really knows how to shoot, the other half can't make a shot to save there life. Mitchell and Prince 2/17
  11. Donovan Mitchell. 1/10. I don't know if the rest of his game makes up for the piss poor shooting,
  12. Oh right, that's how he averages 20. Every shot he hits is a 3.
  13. I don't know how he averages 20 a game, seems like every time I look at his stat lines he is like 0/5, 1/8, etc. Frustrating.
  14. Looking at the wire wonder if anyone is worth replacing? Brook Lopez, Greg Monroe and Rudy Gay are the players I am looking at dropping. Taj Gibson, John Collins and Marcus Morris are guys I am looking at.