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  1. Frustrating to own. 95% chance of elite blocks with about 20% chance to have a good all around game.
  2. This dude literally has no idea how to shoot a basketball. Don't know if the rest of his game is even worth keeping him rostered if he murders my FG% like this.
  3. If only his entire game was as consistent as his ability to get blocks, he would be an easy 1st round talent.
  4. Just noticed. He has 3 blocks in 7 of his last 9 games. Myles "Mutumbo" Turner
  5. Sexy MFer. This is the line we have all been waiting for. 25 points on nuts efficiency and still the elite blocks and a couple threes. The haters and doubters better sell high now if you don't trust him.
  6. 15-8-7-1-1. Glad I picked him up (etc for tanking my FG% but I expected that)
  7. I deserved this counter offer, my initial trade was pretty bad. My Lillard - Porter - Middleton His James - Wall He countered with My Lillard His Lowry - Bledsoe Bad offers all around.
  8. I love this dude. Was so happy when the Pistons picked him up. Avery and Tobias - the real splash brothers.
  9. Feels good to have this stud back in my lineup. Will forgive the efficiency, just carry my team out of the bottom half of roto in blocks.
  10. Sucks losing him for so long but hopefully he is getting healthy. Guy is a monster and worth the wait.