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  1. And given that the Raptors have 3 expirings in Kyle, Serge and Marc, there's a big chance that at least one of those guys gets shipped out sometime between after Christmas and the trade deadline, so Siakam's usage will likely even get a further bump towards the end of the year.
  2. Yeah, it's like when people were getting excited about Andre Drummond shooting 3's last year. You're better off hoping that they attempt 90% of their shots in the paint to keep their FG up and give them a chance at snagging more boards. There's plenty of guys you can draft who can shoot 3s
  3. TBH, I'd love to be picking at the turn of a 12 or 14 team draft and potentially snagging 2 of those 3 guys. I'd probably prioritize as Beal/Jimmy/Kyrie, but it's close, and Beal just edges out with a cleaner bill of health in recent years. But you know all three will have something to prove, and it really boils down to who you think has least injury/shutdown risk, and what stats you want to prioritize (3s vs stl vs ast).
  4. I guess since Detroit lost a playmaker in Ish Smith, they're going to miss the playoffs, and Ish Smith will lead the Wizards back to the promised land to take Detroit's place... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Although the bigger factor will be Blake's health, since he was the true high usage playmaker on that team. Can't wait to target Beal in the 2nd round though. He's going to get a lot of run, and will be a solid player on a bad team playing to get supermax consideration.
  5. And yet Orlando, without their "Star Playmaker" made the playoffs last year on the likes of DJ Augustin running point. So did the Pistons, without their "Star Playmaker" they made the playoffs using Reggie Jackson and Ish Smith. Nobody above was talking about winning the championship. They're just talking about making the playoffs, and you're somehow ignoring all of this to make your point. Calling everyone "dumb" because they're rightly stating that there are better teams in the East than the Wizards is kind of dumb... Know what else is dumb? Thinking that the Wizards is a West coast team... 😂
  6. Can you explain what you mean by the term "playmaker"? Vuc/Aaron Gordon are playmakers. Not sure if you've watched in the last few years but Blake Griffin has evolved his game where he is considered a "playmaker". Jimmy Butler is the very definition of a guy who makes plays - and often big ones in the clutch. Brogdon is a playmaker - he might be boring and steady, but he's absolutely a "playmaker", and overshadowed arguably bigger names like Eric Bledsoe and George Hill during the year and especially in the playoffs. And while you're at it, can you explain what you mean by "did very well"? People in here were talking about making the playoffs in the East - you don't have to do "very well" to get into the playoffs in the East, and teams like Orlando and Miami and Detroit will be feasting on the likes of the Wizards, Bulls, Hornets, Knicks, Hawks and Cavs many times this year to get there. That said, Bradley Beal will have a very good year, and while I can see a shutdown risk for tanking purposes, I see him less as an injury risk because historically he's been pretty solid. I'd draft round 2 in certain builds, probably more for roto but he'll put up numbers, and will be incentivized to do so since he didn't accept the contract extension yet (and he shouldn't)
  7. So RJ withdrew from the FIBA World Cup due to a "calf strain". ... when was the last time we heard of a player sitting because of a "calf strain"? Oh, right... 😐 😓
  8. What's the word on Time Lord? He's the most intriguing big out of that whole roster TBH, but how do Brad Stevens and Ainge view him? Will he be at all useful in the near future?
  9. To play Devil's Advocate to the long term scenario, it feels like the 3 year, $111M extension they're offering is one of those no-brainer contracts any GM would offer, especially after such a rough few years. It's like a goodwill gesture from the new (former interim, now permanent) GM, but they probably hope Beal turns it down because he wouldn't want to waste his prime on a rebuilding team. Then they can say they tried their best to retain him, but will have to put him on the market, and hope for a number of picks and young guys in return while somehow dumping Wall's contract too.
  10. Norm was pretty money from 3 towards the end of last year, and I'm hoping he sees the departure of Danny as an opportunity to break out. Til now, he hasn't really cemented himself as a 3 and D guy, and he kind of lacked a defined role. I'm hoping that changes this year now that Danny & CJ are gone. There aren't many (any?!?) legit SG options in front of him. Stanley hasn't shown any consistency in shooting in his previous teams, FVV is just too small to guard many 2s, and Matt Thomas is an unknown. I'm also intrigued by what Gasol can bring to the team in terms of passing, now that Kawhi is gone. He and Lowry will definitely be seeing more of the ball, and I hope they can show off their distributing more. Lowry has shown great chemistry with our bigs over the years (even scrubs like Bebe) so I'm hoping to see more nice pick and roll sets finishing at the rim with a lob or something.
  11. If Kyle Anderson plays like he did last year, then the future gets even brighter for Clarke
  12. Probably Thomas Bryant or Boban. Last year it was without a doubt George Hill
  13. This was what most of us Isaac believers were waiting for... Jonathon Simmons was traded away, giving Isaac a clear path to more minutes, and Mo Bamba also got injured, immediately upgrading Isaac to potentially the team's best long, athletic defender. Even though the Magic have a shot at making the playoffs, they're probably better off trying to tank and develop the young guys to potentially grab a top lottery pick during a strong draft.
  14. Anyone watch the Duke game last night? They interviewed Tyus Jones in the stands (his brother Tre is a freshman at Duke) and apparently Jimmy chartered a private jet to fly to Indiana so that Tyus could watch the game live. They play tonight in LA. Tyus said that Jimmy was "his guy" and that Jimmy was very selfless for his teammates. What a roller coaster... Jimmy's trolling game is a sight to behold.
  15. Are you in a roto league? Because in that scenario, then sure, he's a detriment to your team. But if you're in a H2H and punting points, punting assists, etc, then someone who can get you good stock numbers while keeping your efficiency up and turnovers low can be worth a lot.