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  1. Probably Thomas Bryant or Boban. Last year it was without a doubt George Hill
  2. This was what most of us Isaac believers were waiting for... Jonathon Simmons was traded away, giving Isaac a clear path to more minutes, and Mo Bamba also got injured, immediately upgrading Isaac to potentially the team's best long, athletic defender. Even though the Magic have a shot at making the playoffs, they're probably better off trying to tank and develop the young guys to potentially grab a top lottery pick during a strong draft.
  3. Anyone watch the Duke game last night? They interviewed Tyus Jones in the stands (his brother Tre is a freshman at Duke) and apparently Jimmy chartered a private jet to fly to Indiana so that Tyus could watch the game live. They play tonight in LA. Tyus said that Jimmy was "his guy" and that Jimmy was very selfless for his teammates. What a roller coaster... Jimmy's trolling game is a sight to behold.
  4. Are you in a roto league? Because in that scenario, then sure, he's a detriment to your team. But if you're in a H2H and punting points, punting assists, etc, then someone who can get you good stock numbers while keeping your efficiency up and turnovers low can be worth a lot.
  5. He managed to beat the starting lineup with a bunch of third stringers during that infamous practice... What are the chances he sparks a mini comeback in garbage time while they're getting blown out? It's just such a shame that he's taken such a heel turn this year, cuz the dude can still ball. Minny needs to fire Thibbs and try to salvage the Miami deal, because a package including Josh Richardson is actually pretty good return, all things considered.
  6. Yup. I drafted him in 2 leagues (12 and 20 team) for Rebs and 1-1-1 while not hurting my %. Dropped him early in the 12 but I can't drop in a 20 team league, and he's untradeable for now so I guess I'm stuck til he hopefully, slowly turns it around.
  7. Are the short-shorts part of his rehab or something?
  8. If you're punting FG and TO, he can be useful putting up 3's, points and stocks, although his situation last year was definitely better with Lavine out for good chunks of the season.
  9. How are those two connected? Or are you a Dunn owner who now has a free slot? In my 12 teamer, he was picked up off waivers asap – couple bids on him actually, which made me regret the drop, then I realized I probably did the right thing for my build.
  10. Picked him up asap in a 20 team but realized after that they also signed Shaq Harrison. I guess I'll hold and see who gets the PT, but I hate burning my waiver moves for potential scrubs, especially in larger leagues where there aren't a ton of decent pickups on waivers.
  11. I traded him away early last year and regretted it. Give him some time and he'll stabilize. Dude is also probably in line for more usage now that Barton will be injured. He's a shooter though, and he'll have his slumps, so don't overreact.
  12. I've got Harry Giles in a 12-team h2h league, but this league has a mandatory rookie rule where we have to always have a rookie rostered, and he so happened to be the one I targeted late. I had the choice between him and Mitchell Robinson, but I think his skillset is more diverse and early in the season he still will have more chances to play meaningful minutes. The fact that he has been in the league for a year already is a key piece here, and he has had the opportunity to be with the Kings while rehabbing. The Kings are a dreadful team though, and they have way too many people playing the 4/5 so I'm honestly not sure if he'll get consistent 25+ minutes. They jerked around Willie Cauley Stein's minutes last year too, and now they've got two rookies they need to fit in as well. So while I have Giles, he's one of the guys I don't hesitate to bench when I have too many games played on the schedule. Are there no other bigs in the league you're in? I'm higher on a guy like Zack Collins who can shoot 3's, block shots and has an opportunity at good minutes if Nurkic is in foul trouble, especially since Portland didn't re-sign Ed Davis.
  13. I don't know if you can say that Poeltl is unproven though. Dude was a key piece of the Raptors' 2nd unit last year. There were times through the season and even the playoffs where the bench outplayed the starters, and while Jak wasn't a huge scorer or rebounder, he does the right things and makes smart plays. He's a very servicable bigman who blocks shots, shoots efficiently, and knows his role. With Pau Gasol getting older, there's a good chance of him getting more playing time as the season continues.
  14. I bet that wasn't Jimmy's decision. Can't wait to see him run in from the dressing room like this was WWE, further cementing the NBA's most amazing heel turn.