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  1. Anybody else nervous about a possible timeshare moving forward? Chase looked pretty damn solid...
  2. Out of curiosity, how "high" did you take Baker?
  3. I was hoping for a much bigger game from JJ for sure, but up until the 4th quarter it was looking pretty damn awful. We should feel fortunate to get what we did.
  4. Anyone else feeling extremely fortunate for that TD?
  5. I don't see the Chiefs losing another game this year (maybe LAC?). When do you think they'll begin resting their stars? They currently have a two game lead in the AFC race for home field throughout - a number that will likely increase. I don't think Hunt necessarily needs to get injured for Ware to see significant action.
  6. Kickers facing the Giants have scored at least 10 fantasy points in 7 straight games, and no fewer than 8 points all season. Starting Santos with confidence.
  7. Who else drafted Hogan ahead of Cooks?
  8. #43 is about to spend the rest of his life bagging groceries in Minnesota.
  9. Being a Broncos fan, I know this all too well. I'm still mad about 2012...
  10. And now the Vikings have a free path to being the first team to ever play the Super Bowl at home.
  11. Best game I have ever seen. Unbelievable. Marcus Williams is about to get mauled...
  12. I was really looking forward to a team playing the Super Bowl in their home stadium.