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  1. One of the biggest opportunity for minutes among the younger players in the NBA.. sleeper alert.. Going to be a great source of rbs, blks, 3s
  2. Bunch of hype and pre-season praise from the coaching staff and organization. The coach called him the " second most versatile player" on the roster after Batum. What do you guys think? I'd say he definitely starts at the SG/SF spot. He did not shoot the ball all that bad last season aside from the free throws but with this large opportunity in front of him, what do you think he averages?
  3. I can see a 12-15/7/3.5-4.5 kinda season for him with a steal and a block a game if he avgs 30 minutes a night but Toronto has mouths to feed in Siakam, Lowry, VanVleet, Ibaka, and OG probably taking on a larger role. I can see a lot of load management for the soon to be 35 year old big man but still a solid pick regardless.
  4. Thoughts? With more help surrounding him, I'd predict 15/3/1.5 with good percentages and 2 3s a game.
  5. Yikes... prayers for Nurkic. Tough loss for Rip City
  6. Really hope Denver trades this dude to a favorable situation by the trade deadline
  7. I'd stash if you're able. Any change of scenery would most likely benefit him.
  8. The Suns really have to do a better job of managing his workload/minutes if he wants to stay healthy...
  9. Playing well since his return. Now only if he can start knocking down his free throws consistently...
  10. What's up with this guy? Really makes me regret drafting despite huge upside sigh
  11. I have JC but Vonleh is on the waiver... Is he worth the drop for the upside?
  12. I'm not saying that's the end to his value as I'm in a 10-teamer with plenty of other good players on the waiver. You just have to account in Jabari decreased usage once Lauri and Portis are back to speed. He'll be a 12-14/5-6/1 player at best IMO with not the greatest appeal in %, stocks, and turnovers for what he does. Now, I could be wrong but I doubt he puts up 18-20pts/6-7rbs like he has done these past couple weeks. We will see but better to be logical then falling in love with him while there are better options on the waiver.
  13. Jabari back to the bench. Welp, thanks for the ride!