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  1. I think the new big three will be just fine in fantasy....collins knows what he's doing I rkn...I like that idea of staggering jimmy and ben a bit throughout the game which is a great plan.... Embiid gonna get his regardless, maybe his PPG come down to 25 from 28 or smthn, but maybe not, the guy is a beast..... simmons will still be triple double threat, might not avg too much over 15, maybe just around there... butler will eat no matter where he is, his base should still be 20/5/5 with elite steals and FT IRL wise, I think the only better fit would have been paul george, but jimmy is as good as PG imo, just not as good a shooter which is why I say PG a better fit here in philly...although butler is a DAWGGG and so are embiid and simmons, this will be fun!
  2. bro, the coach needs to go, he's the reason otto hasn't been productive, he's setting him up to fail. With beal and wall publicly, and I think even the coach did too, calling otto out, just pathetic, say that s--- in the locker room, those guys are trash leaders. Otto is the prototypical 3 and D guy in today's league, low usage, good shooter, good defender who can switch, also decent passer and plays great off the ball, bruh if houston had otto porter, kelly oubre, and jeff green, believe me Otto minutes would be in the 30's, not this ****show where they both playing more than him, it's absurd! Brooks has no idea what he's doing IMO // J wall just after his // Beal I'm not sure what's going on, he needs to be on a different team than wall, this relationship has reached its end. I guess understand what you're saying, in this trash a** system green and oubre fit better because they are both ball hogs who shoot and don't pass, yea I can see why you they are outplaying otto, they have no regard for anything but themselves......or why it appears that way
  3. Oh how sweet it is...he has had good lines lately with avg FG, when he gets that back up, watch out.....I got him as a FT anchor for my squad and he is absolutely killing for me that department he has such a good rapport with montrez too, I was never worried about his assist numbers, but with trez in the mix, he should easily avg 5 going fwd. BUT I suppose this has been with bradley out...shai is the real deal, clips need to sack bradley, he's not helping them, shai starting and lou 6 man is the way to go.
  4. its good that I didn't do that trade....buddy and lou would have been too much for klay....buddy is rolling right now and lou is just getting started imo, he started slow last season, wait for an inevitable injury and reap the rewards.... Lou for ROS like I just said, an injury would be huge, but even without one he's that much better on O than bev and bradley that they will play him in close games...without an injury his floor is still top 75 imo...if there is an injury (to any guard or even gallo) or trade or bev/bradley lose minutes (all are possible) his ceiling would become top 35 and floor top 50...
  5. should I trade my lou will and buddy hield for a struggling Klay? I have faith in sweet lou to be better than he has as the season goes on...Buddy I believe the improvements are real But where's the steals at?!....I also know Klay will be Klay and figure it out...also opens up a steam spot for me which is always nice....Just wondering, is lou and buddy too much for just klay? biggest concern is can he get to that 48% FG he was at last year...
  6. 6 pts / 9 boards / 3 assists / 2 three's / 2/6 fg / 1 TO missed a few open looks could have easily been 9 and 9 with 3 threes, not a bad start...see how he plays tomorrow vs the clips, if it's good he may be worth holding for the upcoming 2 game week the rockets have...maybe. He is only a SF on ESPN, ridiculous, if he gets PF or C it would up his value there.
  7. thanks for the advice man!! I ended up pulling the trigger before seeing this...but thats what I was thinking, the points and rebounds are crazy, but its a h2h 9cat league and I did not want to punt FT anymore and dwight was killing me!! also I do ok in points and rebounds, I look at it as swap bradley for lou, and k love and dwight(who i wanted off my roster) for draymond, and I open up a stream spot to make up whatever category I need that week...and no one in the league would take on dwight ... lol ... people hating, he's killing it right now, but he is a FT killer, so I get it.
  8. should i trade k love, dwight, avery for draymond and sweet lou will ?? I'm spreading my rebounding short with that trade but I need the assists, and to land draymond, also I feel lou will be as good as bradley, but worried about doc putting the cuffs on him :s Thoughts??